Young Sheldon (S01)

Young Sheldon
Young Sheldon

I wasn’t planning to follow this Series, although I follow The Big Bang Theory. The main problem is when you do some zapping and watch a little of something. While some are good but you are not tempted to follow it, some other are more likely to convince you.

Well, with Sheldon, the pair of episodes I watched convinced me. These weren’t the first of the series, but almost. Then, I did go back and watch the missing ones. And right the beginning of the first episode would win me. Sheldon playing with the train and shooting a ball to prove that a body in movement keeps the movement was good enough.

In the last episodes from this season, I feel like more emphasis is being given to the family than to Sheldon himself. Nevertheless, the… oops… spoilers… the guy that is dating Sheldon’s grandmother remember me somebody, and I enjoy him.

And regarding this series I would likely say that the two best actors are the younger. Sheldon and his system Missy are great. I really love that girl…