Educating Games

I am not a researcher in gamification or educational games, but I teach, I teach game development, and I play games. With this background, I’ve been thinking on how current gamification is directed, and especially, how educational games are being created. Gamification First, gamification is considered the solution for engagement, and thus, it is being […]

XQuery and XPath subscripting

Today I took a long time, together with folks from the eXist-DB Community (thanks Luca Guariento and line0 for the brainstorming), to figure out why a function was receiving a node sequence instead of a single node. The question was why using this code was not working: And fn:lower-case was complaining for receiving a sequence […]

On Publishing Quality Journals

I am the editor of Linguamática for more a dozen years. It is a journal on Natural Language Processing, with emphasis on the languages from the Iberian Peninsula. Every time a new issue is published, I use a good amount of hours editing the authors articles. Not just fixing \(\LaTeX\) glitches, that some authors are […]

Abbreviations on TEI

I have been using the Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines to encode dictionaries. I used it originally in Dicionário Aberto, and more recently in a work with the Portuguese Dictionary of the Lisbon Science Academy. In the last week I started teaching a course on Digital Lexicography (do not ask what that is, it is just […]