XQuery and XPath subscripting

Today I took a long time, together with folks from the eXist-DB Community (thanks Luca Guariento and line0 for the brainstorming), to figure out why a function was receiving a node sequence instead of a single node. The question was why using this code was not working: And fn:lower-case was complaining for receiving a sequence […]

Abbreviations on TEI

I have been using the Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines to encode dictionaries. I used it originally in Dicionário Aberto, and more recently in a work with the Portuguese Dictionary of the Lisbon Science Academy. In the last week I started teaching a course on Digital Lexicography (do not ask what that is, it is just […]

Arango::Tango Perl 5 Module

(cross posted from blogs.perl.org) I am planning on a new project, and a friend suggested me to look to Arango, as an alternative do Mongo, specially because it includes a graphs query language integrated. As I am not really used to Mongo at all, decided to give it a try. Unfortunately I did not find […]

The Joy of Logic (2013)

For something completely different, today I talk (erm, write) about a BBC documentary on Logic. It starts with Socrates Syllogisms up to Boole algebra. Then a quick visit on Mathematics nightmare of trying to prove Mathematics logically (yeah, Maths aren’t logic!), introducing first order logic. Then, we get back to Boole algebra and Alan Turing, […]


About two months ago I discovered the existence of Atom.io, a free editor from the GitHub team. This fact, being from the GitHub team, made me wonder. There are not good editors for Windows. I usually use Notepad++ that is great, but somewhat limited on extensibility. When I use Mac OS X or Linux, I […]