On Publishing Quality Journals

I am the editor of Linguamática for more a dozen years. It is a journal on Natural Language Processing, with emphasis on the languages from the Iberian Peninsula. Every time a new issue is published, I use a good amount of hours editing the authors articles. Not just fixing \(\LaTeX\) glitches, that some authors are […]

Scopus, and other messy services

For a long time that I am against the creation of Journal and Conference indexes, trying to stamp the contributions published or presented on those venues as good or bad. While I agree that there are some conferences that accept mostly every document that they receive, that does not mean that, a distracted researcher, could […]

Edx + Microsoft Course on R

I participated in some courses in Coursera, with very interesting subjects. For the first time I decided to enroll in a course in edx, and I ended up in a Microsoft Data Camp course on R. The course is very basic, mostly on syntax than in statistics. Good enough. The course is based in 5 […]

Digital Object Identifier

If you are an academic, you know what DOI are, and you know that a lot of websites are now requiring your publications to have one, so you can refer to them (for example, Publons). DOI are managed by IDF, the International DOI Foundation,  a not-for-profit organization. In the other hand, I am a co-editor […]

Open-Access Journals

It seems that Havard is fearing the Open-Access journals, and decides to do a false research project to shown that Open-Access Journals accepts bad/wrong papers. They submitted a paper for some Open-Access journals and found out that a high percentage accepted this paper. What is people is claiming now? That Open-Access Journals does not do […]

TEI – Well Done!

I will not detail anything about TEI. Sorry. I would just like to let you know that every time I need to work with any TEI subset, I find myself amazed with the quality of their documentation and the details they thought on before writing the standard. Sometimes I just get to me thinking… do […]