Chef (2014)

Another movie that was in the TV, and that I started watching just because I like the title. I will not talk about the story. It is nothing really new, and it is quite simple (I could explain the whole movie in two lines). But the movie is enjoyable, fun, and results on some good […]

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

Again, taking the Christmas holidays to see some movies in the TV. I had this in my to-see list for some time, as I found the plot idea interesting. And I can say the movie delivers it. Of course it is a typical Hollywood plot, with all ending well, and with the main characters surviving […]

Bad Teacher (2011)

Yet another movie I just watched because nothing was running better on TV. I never heard of it, even having Cameron Diaz or Justin Timberlake in the cast. Anyway, it is a fun movie. A little crazy (think American Pie, but not that bold). Nice to watch in a afternoon when you do not want […]

The Italian Job (2003)

Well, usually the movies during Christmas are all comedies, franchising, and boring stuff. Well, I found out The Italian Job in the TV, and as it was in my list of movies to watch, I took the chance. And you know me. Given I like Jason Statham movies, and I like cute girls, like Chalize […]

Young Sheldon (S01)

I wasn’t planning to follow this Series, although I follow The Big Bang Theory. The main problem is when you do some zapping and watch a little of something. While some are good but you are not tempted to follow it, some other are more likely to convince you. Well, with Sheldon, the pair of […]

Los Misterios de Laura (S01)

This is the first time I know of some movie or series that is original from Spain. Usually they dub movies into Spanish, but this time, the series is originally from Spain, and bought by an USA company for an adaptation. Interesting. Anyway, about the series. It is fun, the acting is good, and the […]

Mortadelo y Filemón contra Jimmy el Cachondo (2016)

This is a Spanish movie, with two comic book characters, Mortadelo e Filemón. As a kid, I read a pair of books. Not the greatest comics of the world, but acceptable to have a good time. After those times I never heard again about them. In a presentation on Animation I attended, an invited speaker […]

Modern Family (Season 9)

One more season of Modern Family is over. Some good episodes, some pretty bad. Example of the bad is the season finale. If that is what they have to make the audience wait for the next season, the series is condemned. If I will continue watching it, probably yes. Why? Because I know it is […]

The Big Bang Theory (Season 11)

Eleven seasons. A lot of episodes. And finally Sheldon gets married. Well, will not talk much about the story. Things continue much like in the previous ten seasons. But the story evolves, and jokes keep mainly at the same level. Not bad for so many years of life. Anyway, usually I would add a screenshot […]