Los Misterios de Laura (S01)

Los Misterios de Laura
Los Misterios de Laura

This is the first time I know of some movie or series that is original from Spain. Usually they dub movies into Spanish, but this time, the series is originally from Spain, and bought by an USA company for an adaptation. Interesting.

Anyway, about the series. It is fun, the acting is good, and the crimes interesting. There are a few of the episodes where the story is too intricate that is not credible. But fun enough.

There are also those episodes where you see what is happening, and you just want to slap the inspector and say “don’t you see? that is so easy to understand what happened there“. Or that, or I am watching too much crime series.

Anyway, it is good. Watched most of the second season already, and some from the third season. I just expect that Fox Crime repeats the second season, so I can catch the missing episodes.