Plotting functions with LaTeX & Tikz

I’ve been working on some notes for my students on Neural Networks. I am using Pandoc to write the text, and convert it back to LaTeX for PDF generation, and to HTML, for making the documents available online. In a future post I might talk about Pandoc, but for now, I want to share something […]

About two months ago I discovered the existence of, a free editor from the GitHub team. This fact, being from the GitHub team, made me wonder. There are not good editors for Windows. I usually use Notepad++ that is great, but somewhat limited on extensibility. When I use Mac OS X or Linux, I […]

Octave Wonders

Was looking around the Octave language… and requested help about the fact function. Display an amazing and random fact about the world’s greatest hacker. I decided to experiment: Richard Stallman once used GDB to reverse-engineer Windows 7 into a free operating system – able to run on GNU Emacs! And tried again Richard Stallman won […]


You already knew I am a LaTeX fan. I finally got the courage to go and experiment XeTeX. In fact, I was almost forced, as I am the Portuguese official translator for The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX. By the way, you can buy the Original (English) or the Portuguese versions from OK, […]

Unity 3D

In the last days I’ve been using Unity3D. Unity3D is a electronic games engine. It has been developed by some years, but in the last years a free version, with some limited features, was made available. Now, why am I, somebody who likes to write real code, playing with this kind of software, where most […]