Arango::Tango Perl 5 Module

(cross posted from I am planning on a new project, and a friend suggested me to look to Arango, as an alternative do Mongo, specially because it includes a graphs query language integrated. As I am not really used to Mongo at all, decided to give it a try. Unfortunately I did not find […]

Hawaii Five-0 (2010) – S01

I watched some random episodes in the TV, and recently decided to give it a watch. As my sister also likes, it allows some nice time at the night. The series is not something formidable. But it is fun, it has some action, and it runs in Hawaii, with nice landscapes, great beaches and bikini […]

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

I know this is an old movie. After watching it I remember I did it before. Well, regarding it, what can I say? Of course I can’t comment the special effects. But while some images look cool (see the one above) some other are quite, quite bad (as an example, the small ship used to […]

The Devil’s Violinist (2013)

Really bad movie for what I was expected. It is not a documentary (just like Bohemiam Raphsody isn’t a documentary). Thus, we expect a minimal story. And this story is… well, mostly non existent. Other than that, I was expecting better acting. I know David Garrett is not an actor. But I suppose there was […]

August Rush (2007)

Someone told me and my sister about this movie, as being nice, and interesting to present to music students (10 yo). I took the chance to watch it too. And although there is a lot I can argue about (namely to someone learn how to write music from a single explanation of the position of […]

Chef (2014)

Another movie that was in the TV, and that I started watching just because I like the title. I will not talk about the story. It is nothing really new, and it is quite simple (I could explain the whole movie in two lines). But the movie is enjoyable, fun, and results on some good […]

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

Again, taking the Christmas holidays to see some movies in the TV. I had this in my to-see list for some time, as I found the plot idea interesting. And I can say the movie delivers it. Of course it is a typical Hollywood plot, with all ending well, and with the main characters surviving […]

Now You See Me (2013)

While the fact of having Isla Fisher or Mélanie Laurent could make me rate this movie high, the truth is that I can’t. I can’t see any interest in the movie. There is a story, but so vacuous… And if one wants a movie about magic, or it makes it really about magic, and has […]

Drop Zone (1994)

It looks like that lately I am watching the movies that inspired Grand Theft Auto. Yesterday it was Gone in Sixty Seconds, with car boosting, racing the police, et al. Today, Drop Zone, with parachute diving, namely into a moving truck. Nothing I didn’t do before… in GTA. Well, regarding the movie, it is yet […]