Hiding the bird’s guts

Probably this is a stupid rant/question. If so, please clarify me. I can live without the insults. Really :)

OK, on to the relevant stuff. Twitter has a new OAuth authentication mechanism. To write an application able to post on twitter your application need to be registered and have a consumer key. That key is used to identify your application to twitter when requesting permissions to a user to post using her credentials.

Now, the problem is when your application is written in a scripting language, like Perl, Python, Ruby or anything similar. Will you insert this key verbatim in the source code? Then, when shipping your app, others can grab that token and use it as if it were your app. You can encrypt it, but you need to ship the decryption algorithm as well, so, making the key verbatim.

One of two things can be happening: or twitter guys are not good on this API thing, or I am being totally stupid.


YoruFukurou is yet another Twitter client for Mac OS X. The term YoruFukurou is Japanese for NightOwl. Click on the Owl icon to visit it webpage.

Why am I using it? Because Echofon is now paid ($20) and present ads in the free version. While I agree with the need of revenue, I do not like to have the ad where it is placed, making the application usage quite strange. Also, as I do not think Echofon is exactly what I want to Tweet, and as probably Tweeter will get paid sooner or later, I decided to try another application instead of buying it.

Noticed a friend that was using YoruFukurou as twitter client. Liked the name, and googled. It is very similar in format with Echofon, but the latest has a more polished user interface. In the other hand, YoruFukurou is very customizable and does not present any ad.

Moblin 2.1 – First Impressions

Moblin logoAfter some disasters with Ubuntu on my Acer Aspire One (it just stopped working, X crashing and other problems) I tried moblin again. Installed version 2.1 beta and my first impression is that it is more stable than 2.0 at the moment.

The browser seems more stable, loading pages faster. Unfortunately the flash plugin is not fast enough. Who knows if it works better next time. Although this is true, there is a huge difference between a common linux browser (like Firefox) time to load a page and moblin time.

Regarding connections with the world, the gtalk account was configured correctly at first. Regarding Twitter, it took some more time. First because it opened a browser, but did not say it would do that, and I closed it. And the second time the browser did not start. After some time I found out what was happening (moblin needed the Twitter PIN code) and I was able to register. After two minutes twitter updates weren’t available yet. After five minutes the first updates started appearing. Unfortunately after 30 minutes of work I wasn’t able to twit yet.

Tried as well the tool to watch pictures. It started a slideshow, but the slideshow window was covered by the moblin window. Fail…

Later tonight I’ll do some more experiments…

Twitter Fail

I am trying to get rid of a spammer twitter (pigeonpoll) for about four days. Look at the following image. That is what happens. I say I do not want to follow it anymore, and twitter says, ok, you are not following pigeonpoll anymore, but you are still following it. Just because I got enough of these stupid polls, I tried to block pigeonpoll. Unfortunately I am still getting messages from it.


Testing twitter plugin

WordPress includes a plugin to advertise blog posts. This post is just a test for it. Hope I do not need to post more testing messages.