New personal website

After a friend (thanks, Smash) presenting me Bootstrap, I decided to give it a look, as it might be interesting to bootstrap new projects design quickly. Given my lack of design qualities, having somebody doing it for my is great. To test Bootstrap I chose to do a redesign of my personal website, that was […]

Google Docs: Presentation

Some time ago Google Docs (gdocs for short) was advertising their new presentation editor. Yesterday and today I decided to prepare two small presentations for a mini-meeting tomorrow, and use gdocs for that. The editor is not anything extraordinary, mostly a pair of text areas where one can write the slides content. As my slides […]

Firefox vs Safari on Mac OS X

I confess I use Firefox, and I really prefer firefox user interface. But this is just stupid! I never had problems with Firefox before, and now that I have a fast machine and 8 GB of RAM Flash acts like this? OK, I know it is Flash.. but.. :-/ Safari vs Firefox running flash plugin […]

Hiding the bird’s guts

Probably this is a stupid rant/question. If so, please clarify me. I can live without the insults. Really :) OK, on to the relevant stuff. Twitter has a new OAuth authentication mechanism. To write an application able to post on twitter your application need to be registered and have a consumer key. That key is […]

CSS Cheat Sheet

I teach XML, DTD and the like, and I teach (or show and make students use) CSS for XML. It doesn’t work properly on all browsers, it doesn’t work consistently on all browsers, it doesn’t do everything web publishing needs. But it is a good approach to add some style and usefulness to XML without […]

Google Indexes TTL

I really would like to know what is the time to live (TTL) of Google indexes. This blog of me changed design and back end in July (OK, end of July). We are in the beginning of February. Being a nice boy, this counts as six months. And, after six months, I still have lots […]

Great Captcha

Just found this captcha from the Public Knowledge Project a great idea. It not just removes the necessity to render a image as it works on text browsers like Lynx or Links. I am tempted to start using this kind of Captcha in my sites. Just need to check if there is any patent about […]

Google Wave first impressions

Received today the invitation to join Google Wave project. Sincerely, I had no idea about what was Google Wave when I asked a friend for the invitation. But Google has nice projects and I like to know them (and use them when I think they can help on my everyday life). I did not have […]