Gravity (2013)

Sandra Bullock @ Gravity
Sandra Bullock @ Gravity

Curiously, and unlike other reviews, I’ll start saying I head very bad about this movie. I didn’t even know it won any Oscar. Just noticed it after watching it, and looking into IMDB about its classification.

Yes, story is crap. Scenarios are mostly crap (everywhere CGI, too much CGI). But something must be given credit: to pay two actors, have no real scenarios, I expect it to be mostly cheap. But probably not, as I am not sure how cheap are CGI nowadays.

Other than that, Sandra Bullock is still hot. Of course she is getting old, but still has it. In the other hand, Clooney seems to be always equal to himself. But in this movie he seems more like a clown than an astronaut. Really. That dream scene is just pathetic. He seems to be smiling always. And that smile didn’t relate to what he was saying. Probably he was having fun during the recordings, or just smiling on how imbecile was that scene.

If you ask me what I liked on this movie, it was the sound. Just great. Great to sense the silence of space. Great to sense the noisy silence of water.

Voted 7 in 10 @IMDB.