Gravity (2013)

Curiously, and unlike other reviews, I’ll start saying I head very bad about this movie. I didn’t even know it won any Oscar. Just noticed it after watching it, and looking into IMDB about its classification. Yes, story is crap. Scenarios are mostly crap (everywhere CGI, too much CGI). But something must be given credit: […]

Star Trek (2009)

Yeah, only me to put a screenshot with Uhura for Star Trek. But then, if you notice my other post about the last Star Trek movie, I put some underwear as well. So, for consistency, I decided to follow the same idea. And, yeah, as usual (not really, but…) I watched these last two Star […]

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

I always loved this ship and always wondered how such a big thing and completely non aerodynamic could fly. Anyway, this time I got to know that they use nuclear power. Damn. You could do better, J. J. Abrams. When watching a science fiction movie you need to be prepared for non-logical things. I can […]