Defendor (2009)


A suggestion by a friend. I confess I was not expecting this. And if you did not watch this movie, you should stop here and find it somewhere. After reading the rest of the post the movie will not have all the feeling it should.

More than an action movie or a comedy (it is both of them), this is a drama. So, do not expect the usual superhero approach. Also, do not expect it to be a standard Hollywood movie. You know, at the end the main character will be dead. So, no, not that usual in Hollywood. And in fact, it isn’t, as it seems to be produced in Canada.

I will not tell the story, so probably the rest of the post will not make any sense if you did not watch it. But anyway… the main message is that any of us can stand to make a difference. Unfortunately, not all can do it like the main characters, and that is good, or a lot of us would be dead already. But in any case, each of us is a super hero, even if you do not wear a cape (also, capes are for flying).

Other than that, loved the puns with “DefenDOG” and “DefenDOOR”. I am just sad they did not keep it up to the limit. It would have been fun.