A good day to Die Hard (2013)

A good day to die hard (2013)
A good day to die hard (2013)

Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ! What a mess of movie. Action? yeah, a couple of shots. More Action? Well, some car chase. More? An helicopter falling and exploding everything. More? Sorry, no. Comedy? Well, a pair of jokes. Mostly, bad jokes. Story? The usual, nothing new. Worth watching? Not really. Some of the pathetic movies I watch sometime are better than this thing. If I needed to choose the best thing on this movie? Taking the chance to see the beautiful face of Mary Elizabeth Winstead. But then, just for some minutes. Voted 6 in 10. Mostly because of respect for Bruce Willis. Not that he deserves it, accepting such a plot.

Apple discriminating… again!

Yes, yet again, Apple discriminating. Not sure if by their own will, or just because they are stupid. Nevertheless, they got warned, and their action will clarify this point.

Now, why? Not sure why (there is a page with that story but I really never read it) but Apple has a trailers page. It is a nice page, with HD version of trailers. So, why not use it. The problem is that the HD versions, that are watched opening QuickTime (or supposedly, any other similar application), doesn’t work if you are using Firefox (on Mac OS X). You get a redirect to the original trailers index page.

Nevertheless, if you change your Firefox user agent string to the Safari user agent string, then the link will work properly. This means it is not a technology problem or anything. It is just Apple filtering what user agents can watch the movies.

So, if you still want to use Firefox and Apple trailers page for this task, then install, for instance, the Firefox user agent switcher plugin.

And a final thank you to João Neves for his precious help debugging this problem.

A lot of Google results to be paged

Sometimes Google has so many document hits that he needs to paginate them. Some other times, Google has so few documents hits… that he needs to paginate… huh? something strange here…

Google paging no results...


The world has 13 countries…


Activision World Map Fail
Activision World Map Fail

Activision developers (web site developers) need some geography classes. First, here isn’t a country named “Asia Pacific”, second, there are much more than 13 countries in the world. I refused to click on any of these buttons. Some websites add a “rest of the world” or “rest of Europe” button. That is bad already, but at least I feel that somebody though on me. Now, with this… Should I check Spain? But we are independent for some hundred years. Choose UK because of the language? But then I might choose United States. But then, is this just a language issue, or the website content will also differ?

Tetris Company suing Quinn?

It is just stupid that some company, named Tetris Company, LLC, could be taking the time to sue Simon Härtel over his tetris implementation for Mac OS X, named Quinn.

Tetris is out for a long time. The idea was nice, that is true, but we are years over it.

Let me guess, now they will sue GNU because Emacs has a tetris implementation?

I’m sure that a couple of minutes googling will find more than a dozen of other tetris implementations…

Epson and their customers

I own an EPSON scanner. It is not that old. It is a Perfection 1260 scanner. It works pretty well, and given that I do not need to buy a new one.

But it works pretty well in Mac OS X, because Mac does not need EPSON drivers, or it might not work properly. In Windows 7 the scanner simply does not work. There is not a driver from EPSON for this windows version. Worst than not having a driver (that should be made available freely, as the customer doesn’t should need to buy anything to make the hardware he bought to work on most recent operating systems) is suggesting the customer to BUY a third party software (VueScan).

Basically, EPSON is admitting incompetence: “Hey, we are not able to develop a driver for our own hardware, but there is some guy that have a good software that does the thing we should do…

Stickers Fail

Stickers Fail
Stickers Fail

I think the 3 and the percent sign are wrong. Probably an horizontal mirror… would fix it :)