Mobile Phones for Elder People

I am not sure about other countries, but in Portugal there are some mobile phones (usually not smartphones) which are catalogued as for elder people. As you can see above, they have big buttons, with large numbers. But things stop there. If you try to use any of them, you will notice that the text […]

Getting back to Linux: Part #1

After the last Apple keynote, the news on Mac Book Pro, and the exorbitant price, I took part of this Sunday to look back to Linux as a Desktop. Although I work usually on a 2011 Mac, that runs perfectly (just some bumps), I have a Lenovo laptop. So, I decided to install the Linux […]


Usually I do not advertise on this blog. In fact, this is not properly advertisement, but a review. But given I am happy with the product, yeah, it can be seen as advertisement. I will talk about BaseQi, the Ninja Stealth Drive. Basically, it allows you to pop-in a MicroSD card into your MacBook keeping […]

Epson and their customers

I own an EPSON scanner. It is not that old. It is a Perfection 1260 scanner. It works pretty well, and given that I do not need to buy a new one. But it works pretty well in Mac OS X, because Mac does not need EPSON drivers, or it might not work properly. In […]

Buying an LCD monitor

I was looking for LCD monitors. Cheap LCD monitors. I really would like to buy an LG or a Samsung. Not sure why, but I have some good opinion on these makers. But I wanted a 22″ (or more) monitor, with Full HD and, more difficult to find, HDMI. Why? Because I am playing XBox […]

Mac Book Pro Charger

I hate Murphy. I hate him and his stupid rule. During vacations my Mac Book Pro AC adapter died. Nothing complicated. As far as I could understand, the problem was the cable, near the box. I cut it, and tried to fix it. It worked for a week, and died again. The cable is very […]