iPod continues failing after five generations

ipod-nanoAfter years of iPods, generations and more generations (are we in the fifth or in the sixth?), about four kinds of iPod (touch, classic, nano, shuffle), iPods with phones, iPods with cameras, and Apple is not able to deliver a basic and simple functionality: delete a song.

Normally I do not hear music in my laptop. Thus, my iTunes is not highly customized. I have the tracks names, the album cover and nothing more. Just a few songs have ratings, and I do not have playlists. This because I do not use my time in front of the laptop to organize my musics.

Therefore, when I rip some of my CDs to iPod, I add all musics without exception. In some cases I remember the musics that I enjoy, but some other times I do not. And when hearingĀ  on my iPod I need to skip musics that I do not enjoy. And as iPod does not includes paper and a pencil, I do not have time to write down the music that I do not like to remove it later.

Some people use another trick: they rate musics to delete with one star. Then, when syncing with iTunes, they go through those musics and remove them.

While this last solution is not properly bad, I can not understand why iPods does not include a delete command. I can not understand what are the syncing problems that might arise. It is just a matter of defining one solution, and use it. Some options:

  • when you delete a music in the iPod it removes the music from the flash disk, and adds the music in a black list (for instance, the MD5 of the file). When syncing no file is removed from iTunes, but no musics are uploaded to iPod that are in the black list;
  • when you delete a music in the iPod, the music is removed both from the iPod and from the hosting iTunes when it syncs. Of course this can be accompanied of a message for confirmation;

Miss March (2009)

Miss MarchToday was Miss March day. First, it is a stupid movie. Second, it is a stupid movie. Third, it continues to be a stupid movie. But, fourth, it has nice girls in bikini and without bikini. Unfortunately it shows some other things that I prefer not to mention as it is gross, and it will spoil the history (well, if anybody wants to see it after reading this review).

Well, I hope not to spoil too much just quoting the tag line from IMDB: After four years in a coma, Eugene Pratt is going to be reunited with his high school sweetheart…on pages 95-97. This together to knowing this is a comedy from Hollywood, you can guess the rest.

So, the good part, other than the girls, is it to be a comedy. You can laugh a lot and have a good time watching it. Voted 5 in 10.

Quiki, yet another Perl wiki


At the present moment in my free time (that is going to be all day if I do not find a job in the next days) I am developing, together with Smash, another wiki in Perl,named Quiki.

Quiki is being developed with DokuWiki in mind. The main idea is to have a small base of dependencies, easy to install, and full of interesting features.

It is still in the first steps of development (as you can see in Git log, it is not yet two weeks old), but we expect to publish a beta version to CPAN in the next week.

Why we decided to implement a new system instead of using or contributing to one of the existing wiki projects can be a tricky question. I was involved in Kwiki development but the Ingy dot net crazyness does not help on stability. It is great to learn Perl, it is great to test different implementation approaches, it is not good to be used in production. Things change too often. twiki is a great wiki but we found it to be too complex for most wiki needs. MojoMojo might be a good wiki but we got tired installing dependencies. Moose, Catalyst and KinoSearch are just three examples of its dependencies. Unfortunately not all these modules (or dependencies) install cleanly. There is also socialtext. It is not properly open. Probably there are other wikis in Perl that we are not considering. But looking to the time involved writing current version and its achievements I am too happy.

If you want to be a test user, please download it from Git (check Quiki homepage) or wait for the CPAN release, install and submit bug reports. If you do not agree about my comments about wikis, you can leave a comment, but do not expect to raise a war. I will not answer you :)

Max Payne (2008)

Max PayneYes, I normally pass a long time without seeing a movie, but when I start it takes some time to end. Hehehe. Kidding.

This time it was Max Payne. You know, I played to some of the Max Payne games and I liked them. Not because it was just another first person shooter, but because it has some nice movements from the main character. In fact I think that what sold Max Payne games was that allied with the nice performed videos.

Unfortunately the movie could not mimic both things. The atmosphere is similar to the video game, but the main character is not. It just has two or three movements that remind us of the video game. Remaining is crap.

Regarding the story, it is easy to predict. It is just the same story of every time where the criminals are the… oops, do not want to spoil the story. Also, the story is not complete. A lot of loose ends are present, that make the watcher ask, and why, and what happened, and how, and so on. This is not the kind of questions I like to have after watching a movie unless the answer is really in the movie and some though lead us to the answer. I do not think that is the case with this movie.

To conclude, the movie was prepared for a sequel, as can be inferred from the last scenes (after credits). As far as I can say from searching IMDB it is not being prepared. More and more directors think that following a good character (say comics books or a video game) is enough to have a good book. That is not true and Max Payne is one of the examples. If you want another, look to Transformers. I am not sure how they managed to get a sequel…

Twitter Fail

I am trying to get rid of a spammer twitter (pigeonpoll) for about four days. Look at the following image. That is what happens. I say I do not want to follow it anymore, and twitter says, ok, you are not following pigeonpoll anymore, but you are still following it. Just because I got enough of these stupid polls, I tried to block pigeonpoll. Unfortunately I am still getting messages from it.


Push (2009)

Push-2009I see so few movies that I can not remember last time I have watched a movie. Today the hot outside, the air conditioning inside, and the lack of will to produce anything made me watch Push. This is not the kind of movie to be watched by people searching for goofs. There are a lot in the movie. There are also flaws on the argument. But I defend this to be a good movie to pass a pair of hours.

You can parallel this movie characters with X-Men mutants. The Push characters have, as well, special powers. They can read (erm, draw?) the future, move objects, transform objects, and the like. Also, as X-Men, there are guys with special powers both on the good side and in the bad side. And the story grows from here, just like it would in Marvel comics.

It is worth seeing, but not one brilliant movie. Voted 8 in 10 (well, if IMDB recorded my vote. It says “sorry, there was a problem”).


Do not know if you know that SWIFT is a company responsible for financial services around the world. They also own the SWIFT codes to identify banks around the world.

But they do now know much about database normalization. You can find entries of “JP Morgan Chase” and “JPMorgan Chase”. After searching for the first one, and finding some entries, who in hell would search for the second one?

Within Temptation: Black Symphony

Mywithin temptation: black symphony music background is Classic (I learned to play piano). During years I just listened to classical music. Some time later I listened to Queen and start listing to some rock.

But I would never buy/listen to Within Temptation if it wasn’t the coincidence of watching the Black Symphony concerto on a TV Store.

I loved the sound, and no, it wasn’t because of the surround system that was connected to the TV. I really liked to listen. But, once again, it wasn’t enough to make me pay to listen to it.

This is the time torrents become handy. I downloaded the concerto, and watched to it. And now, I am willing to buy the CD for the concerto.

Now, regarding Within Temptation. They have a good sound, they have some interesting musics, Sharon has a great voice, and the orchestration was great. I just think the musics are much alike one another. I am not sure yet if this is because of the Sharon voice timbre (and when I get used to it, I will start differentiating musics) or if they are lacking some imagination.

Diablo II – Druid game

druidYes, I know that Diablo II has about 9 years of life. Nevertheless Diablo III is taking too much time and I needed some interesting game for vacations.

In previous games I finished Diablo II Lord of Destruction only with the Assassin character. This year it was the time to finish it up with Druid.

As I lack imagination or creativity on naming my characters I choose the names based on well known characters. That is, my druid’s name was Panoramix. Hope you know it. If not, you can have less culture than myself :)

When building a Diablo character you can not invest on all of its powers. Druid can use shape shifting, nature phenomenon, or some kind of summoning creatures. To be able to have all these powers well developed you need to play more than once each level (in normal mode). Panoramix was built based on nature phenomenon, like fire, lava, tornado and the like.

My next character is a Barbarian, named Conan. At the moment at the beginning of the third act (just killed Duriel yesterday).