Happy Feet (2006)

Happy FeetLast night we had Happy Feet in the public Portuguese television, dubbed in Portuguese. This fact is relevant. Probably I would say different things if I watched the original version, as the dubbing process was not good. Why? The voices were cute, but hard to understand, and most of the musics were not dubbed or subtitled. While that is not relevant for the Queen’s music, some others were relevant (for instance, the one in the beginning).

The story is trivial. You join the ugly duckling story with some ecological message and the result is… Happy Feet.

The graphics are not astonishing. Nothing really new here. I think the only relevant portion is the reflection of real humans over the computer graphics. I am not sure they were real humans, but some of them were quite… real.

Conclusion, a good movie for children, mostly irrelevant for grown ups.