Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

I always loved this ship and always wondered how such a big thing and completely non aerodynamic could fly. Anyway, this time I got to know that they use nuclear power. Damn. You could do better, J. J. Abrams. When watching a science fiction movie you need to be prepared for non-logical things. I can […]

Elementary (Season 1)

As a friend once told me, this series can be a little dumb. And an intelligent person like Sherlock using Windows 8 isn’t much plausible, too. But the series is good, and the Finale was interesting. The reinterpretation of the old Sherlock by Sir Conan Doyle is interesting, with a new Watson and a new […]

Elementary (2012) S01E01

After Sherlock series, there is a new series named Elementary. Yes, with Watson and Sherlock. Again? Yes, again. And you are watching it? Sure, it is different. Different Why? And now, spoilers. I promise not to tell the story, just how the series work. Sherlock is a guy that worked in London as a consultant […]

Sherlock – Season 2

This second season is a crescendo. The first episode is not really good, the second one is interesting and different from the usual, and finally, almost one hour and a half in the last episode that is pretty good, and that ends, as usual for season finales, letting us wait for the next season, to […]

Sherlock – The Great Game (2010)

Third episode from Sherlock remake. As far as I could tell, more than one book story used in this episode. Is this planned? Will the series finish right ahead, and will we hear that there weren’t enough plots for more episodes? Let’s wait and see what is going on. About this episode, better than the […]

Sherlock, S1E2 (2010)

After the first episode I decided to give a try to this mini-series. Unfortunately I did not like much of the second episode story. Nothing really new to be told there. A simple cipher, using words from a book (in this case a dictionary). A lot of details on the story go without a valid […]

Sherlock (2009) – s1e1

A new TV series based on the well known character Sherlock Holmes and the respective books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I am not yet sure if I like or not this new Sherlock incarnation. It takes some time to digest. Sherlock is too young, we are talking about modern London, with cars, cell […]