A few days ago I found (well, somebody found and twitted about it) Ninite. Ninite is a custom installer for open/free software (in fact it includes some demos of commercial applications, too). You access their website, you define what applications you want to install, and download an installer. This installer performs the downloads of the software you requested, and installs them in their default location.

It works very well (at least it worked very well in my test). I am just lacking some good software on the package. Some examples, are IzArc (I do not like 7-zip), Strawberry Perl (if it installs Python, why not Perl?), Avira Antivirus (I like it, works better than AVG in my latest installs). There are other applications that might get added, like MikTeX and TeXnicCenter (this would be great for my students), or Lilypond (or any other music-editing software). But I understand that keeping the list small is also a virtue…


YoruFukurou is yet another Twitter client for Mac OS X. The term YoruFukurou is Japanese for NightOwl. Click on the Owl icon to visit it webpage.

Why am I using it? Because Echofon is now paid ($20) and present ads in the free version. While I agree with the need of revenue, I do not like to have the ad where it is placed, making the application usage quite strange. Also, as I do not think Echofon is exactly what I want to Tweet, and as probably Tweeter will get paid sooner or later, I decided to try another application instead of buying it.

Noticed a friend that was using YoruFukurou as twitter client. Liked the name, and googled. It is very similar in format with Echofon, but the latest has a more polished user interface. In the other hand, YoruFukurou is very customizable and does not present any ad.

Thunderbird 3 – the news

ThunderBird 3
ThunderBird 3

I installed Thunderbird 3 a while ago. But before posting about it I thought it would good to test, check its new features usefulness and then, yes, post some comments on it. Today I decided to do the post. For that I visited the Mozilla website, searching for the top features for Thunderbird 3. They are described in the image above, and will be commented bellow:

  • Tabs: at the first glance I thought that tabs would change the way I work with Thunderbird. Since when Galeon, an old web browser, added tabs to the browsing experience, that I never wanted anything else. Then, when hearing about tabs on Thunderbird 3 I got excited. But now I can’t see where are the tabs experience. I can’t add a tab with other account (I was trying to put different inboxes in different tabs) or a tab for each account. But or that is not possible, or it is too hidden for finding it. The only place where I saw tabs showing on was during search…
  • Better Search: yesterday I finally discovered how to turn off the new search system. It is fancy, it shows graphics, it has a nice user interface, it does not work! Why are some mails found and not shown? Why some folders are not being indexed? Why indexes are not updated when I move a file? Last months I tried not to use the search engine because I was frustrated with it. Now, old search is back. Great.
  • Archiving: the archiving feature might be interesting if the search works, something like Google Mail. In fact, they started with that idea: never delete a mail, archive anything, we will find it. Yes, it was they tagline. Now they are using tags (folders with a different name) so you can organize your email. If Google Mail did this, from an archive to a set of archives, why is Thunderbird trying to create an archive for everything? I use for years different folders where I copy mails to, organizing them as I like. If just these folders were indexed…

OK, now I wonder: why did I update? Probably I will ask the same about Firefox 3.6. Please, Mozilla! Look into usability. Look into usefulness. Forget fancy and eye catching features that use resources and have no real use!

Papers for Mac OS X is SHIT

papers-drawnI hate stupid software. I really hate it. Specially stupid software that doesn’t have a rollback mechanism for their faults.

Installed Papers demo version to try to manage papers. The application seems interesting and is not too expensive. I really thought on buying it. But now I do not intend to.

During first use, Papers asks if it should move the PDF files to its own library and rename them. That is the usual thing for iTunes and, why not, for papers. There, option chosen.

When using the application, I choose to import PDF files. The application opened a search window that says nothing more than if I want to use OAI indexing mechanisms or not. It doesn’t specify what kind of target it is expecting.

I choose a PDF file. I clicked on it. It was sitting on my desktop. Pressed “import”. Papers imported more than 500 PDF files that were sitting in sub-folders of the Desktop folder. Note, I did a click on a PDF file. Not in the directory. The windows did not say what it was expecting.

Now I have 500 pdf files to open, rename, and move.

Thanks for nothing.