Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

U.S.S. Enterprise @ Star Trek Into Darkness
U.S.S. Enterprise @ Star Trek Into Darkness

I always loved this ship and always wondered how such a big thing and completely non aerodynamic could fly. Anyway, this time I got to know that they use nuclear power. Damn. You could do better, J. J. Abrams.

When watching a science fiction movie you need to be prepared for non-logical things. I can be prepared for ships flying, warp speed, ultra weapons, radiation, et al., but I can not be prepared for a Vulcan to fall in the back of a ship, right in front of the thrusters, and not being toasted.

Other than that, the story is mostly the usual, a bad guy (curiously Benedict Cumberbatch uses a gabardine both in this movie and in Sherlock series… it seems it is his common uniform), a guy that seems to be good but is also a bad guy, a hero almost dying and getting back to life… so, the usual.

What can I say more? I do not like the new Spock. And I am happy there are still standard feminine lingerie in the future. Very happy.

Alice Eve @ Star Trek Into Darkness
Alice Eve @ Star Trek Into Darkness

Elementary (Season 1)

Holmes and Watson
Holmes and Watson

As a friend once told me, this series can be a little dumb. And an intelligent person like Sherlock using Windows 8 isn’t much plausible, too. But the series is good, and the Finale was interesting. The reinterpretation of the old Sherlock by Sir Conan Doyle is interesting, with a new Watson and a new Moriarty. In the expectation of a next season. And for me to say that to a series without jumping boobs, means it is good :-)

Elementary (2012) S01E01

Sherlock @ Elementary

After Sherlock series, there is a new series named Elementary. Yes, with Watson and Sherlock. Again? Yes, again. And you are watching it? Sure, it is different.

Different Why?

And now, spoilers. I promise not to tell the story, just how the series work. Sherlock is a guy that worked in London as a consultant for Scotland Yard. He had some issues with drugs, and got interned. In the last day of internship, he escaped, just to tell there are flaws in the security system. He got a companion to help him not to get into drugs again. The companion is Watson, Joan Watson, a cute girl.

The cases analyzed by Sherlock are not related to the original books. That is great. Gives liberty, and doesn’t go for histories we all know by now. The only similarities are having Sherlock, one (well, female) Watson, that is also a doctor, and Sherlock being able to deduce things. Promises.

Sherlock – Season 2

Sherlock - Season 2
Sherlock – Season 2

This second season is a crescendo. The first episode is not really good, the second one is interesting and different from the usual, and finally, almost one hour and a half in the last episode that is pretty good, and that ends, as usual for season finales, letting us wait for the next season, to get a plausible explanation of what happens.

Sherlock – The Great Game (2010)

Sherlock - The great game
Sherlock - The great game

Third episode from Sherlock remake. As far as I could tell, more than one book story used in this episode. Is this planned? Will the series finish right ahead, and will we hear that there weren’t enough plots for more episodes? Let’s wait and see what is going on.

About this episode, better than the second. Probably better than the first. At least fewer dead moments, and some more action.

And, I got happy to see a comment on IMDB saying that the plot is difficult to follow. Great it is not just me.

Sherlock, S1E2 (2010)

Sherlock - S1E2 - The Blind Banker
Sherlock - S1E2 - The Blind Banker

After the first episode I decided to give a try to this mini-series. Unfortunately I did not like much of the second episode story. Nothing really new to be told there. A simple cipher, using words from a book (in this case a dictionary). A lot of details on the story go without a valid explanation (at least, for me). I understand
that I was watching the episode without subtitles, and that I have some problems understanding some of the actors completely (namely Sherlock, that speaks too fast). But I do not think that was the real problem.

In any case, I will give the third episode a try, as well. Oh, before concluding… if Sherlock is so smart, why he uses Internet Exploder?

Sherlock (2009) – s1e1

Sherlock: A Study In Pink
Sherlock: A Study In Pink -- This image may only be used for publicity purposes in connection with the broadcast of the programme as licensed by BBC Worldwide Ltd & must carry the shown copyright legend. It may not be used for any commercial purpose without a licence from the rights holder. © Hartswood Films Ltd 2009

A new TV series based on the well known character Sherlock Holmes and the respective books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I am not yet sure if I like or not this new Sherlock incarnation. It takes some time to digest. Sherlock is too young, we are talking about modern London, with cars, cell phones, computers and all that.

If you read the books, you will notice that the story is not exactly as it is shown here. There are some new deductions, there are new characters, there are some changes in the story (big changes, I would say). I can’t recall exactly the original Study in Pink, so I do not know if the changes are because of the new era where the action occurs, or if directors just wanted to change the story.

Final complain: Sherlock talks too fast, subtitles goes fast as well. Hard to keep up for non native speakers…