Classification Systems

Yesterday I gave an invited class on Classification Systems. I prepared some slides that are available on Slideshare. It is an opinionated view on four different types of classification: folksonomies, taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies. The online version lost some quality, but you can download the PDF version. Hope this is interesting for someone.

Google Docs: Presentation

Some time ago Google Docs (gdocs for short) was advertising their new presentation editor. Yesterday and today I decided to prepare two small presentations for a mini-meeting tomorrow, and use gdocs for that. The editor is not anything extraordinary, mostly a pair of text areas where one can write the slides content. As my slides are mostly items on lists, this is enough. I got in the end happy with my prepared presentation.

It all was fine if I didn’t want to export the presentation to PDF, so I can get it in a flash drive and use it during the meeting. Unfortunately gdocs presentation export system is completely broken.

First, let’s see how a slide appears in the online editor:

And this is how this same slide looks in the exported PDF document:

Cute, huh?