Sim, Chef! (Season 2)

Benedita Pereira e Marco Horácio
Benedita Pereira and Marco Horácio

Well, this is probably the only Series made in Portugal I really follow. Well, the argument, at least for the first season, was adapted from another show. But I think the second season is mostly original from Portugal. It is a comedy show, of about 30 minutes per episode, of a team of cookers and restaurant staff, and their lives. It is fun, it shows food, have some nice girls, so, why not?

One the main things I noticed in the second season is that the first half episodes were recorded without two of the main actors. Although one came back, the other was completely replaced and, if at first, felt weird, the story was good enough to back the substitution. Talking about that, the substitute is Marco Horácio, someone I knew only from singing a comic version of the Portuguese Fado. His acting is not bad. Really.

Will continue following it, if a new season comes back. And specially if Benedita Pereira continues in the show. She resembles a friend…

Sim, Chef! (Season 1)

Sim, Chef!
Sim, Chef!

Yep, the first Portuguese series that I comment here, at the end of a season. This is a comedy, a little unrealistic on some points, but lots of fun. Also, it has some nice girls, and show nice food. And I always liked cooking shows, so, why not join them? The only sad thing is that Benedita Pereira’s character reminds me of someone… that does not know of my existence, unless in real need of computer services. Sad!

Sim, Chef! (S01E01)

Yep, this is the second time I blog about a Portuguese series. It started right in the same week as “Ministério do Tempo”, but it is a comedy. It follows the 20 minutes of other well known series like Allo Allo! or The Big Bang Theory, and with non-sense ranging from the minimum to crazy. What I like in it? Well, the idea (stories in the Kitchen of a well known restaurant), the fun, and of course, Benedita Pereira. So, it is another series I will keep my eye on. Stay tuned.

Ministério do Tempo (S01E01)

Ministério do Tempo
Ministério do Tempo

Probably this is the first time I post about a Portuguese series. As far as I could find, it is not original from Portugal but Spain, but adapted (or localized) to Portugal. It is sufficiently strange, and includes enough reference to history, to make it interesting. I liked the first episode and will give it a chance. Keep tuned.

Duarte & Cia. – S01E01

Duarte & Cia.
Duarte & Cia.

Sorry, this one is going in Portuguese. Not that relevant to comment on a Portuguese Series that (as far as I know) doesn’t have English subtitles available :)

1985… tinha eu 7 anos. Não, na altura não achava qualquer piada a esta série. Mas lembro-me vagamente de a ver passar pela televisão. Outro dia na tentativa de arranjar algo com que a minha mãe se pudesse entreter, já que na televisão nacional não passa nada de jeito, arranjei alguns episódios desta série. Infelizmente a minha mãe não lhe achou grande piada. Mas decidi ver, de qualquer modo.

Não posso dizer que seja nada de fenomenal. O episódio é demasiado longo para a história que é, com algumas cenas demasiado lentas e enfadonhas. Mas por outro lado, tem algumas piada giras. Talvez veja mais alguns episódios para me ir entretendo.

O Crime do Padre Amaro (2005)

O Crime do Padre Amaro
O Crime do Padre Amaro

This is a Portuguese movie that delivers less than it promises. There are some hot scenes, but nothing that relevant. The story is, in fact, a small number of stories that, by chance, has a common character. And just one of those stories is relevant.

I never read the book but I am sure it is a lot better than the movie. I just added it to my queue of books to read. In two or three years I might get to it. With luck.

Now, talking about quality, I can’t understand how a recent movie (2005 is not that old) has such bad audio recording. The authors do not know how to speak, or the technicians do not know how to record. But this seems a major problem on lot of Portuguese productions. Very bad, indeed…

Summerbits 2009

Sapo Summerbits is a grants program similar to Google Summer of Code. Its main differences are the proposing institutions that are Portuguese, the projects that are focused on the Portuguese community and the students that should be attending at a Portuguese university. Thus, this is a tiny Google Summer of Code clone for the Portuguese country.

This year it is running by the second year. Also, I am involved again in a Project. This year, instead of being involved as mentor for only one project, I am involved in two projects, being mentor in one of them, and being a co-mentor or just a developer in the other one.

One of the projects is related to card sorting, a psychology application where the individual is asked to sort or group a set of cards. These cards have words. The individual will read these words and try to associate a concept to each one. Then, these concepts are the things that should be grouped. Giving the same set of words to different people will result on different groups. These groups can then be analyzed and conclusions obtained.

The second project is related to the Portuguese language. At the Natura Project we are responsible for the Portuguese dictionaries for Firefox, Thunderbird and other Open Source applications. This year a law appeared changing the language, trying to approximate the Portuguese from Brazil to the Portuguese from Europe. While I could discuss the benefits or the problems of this law I prefer to just say the Portuguese dictionaries need an adaptation. These changes can be done manually by linguists, or we can try to infer them looking to texts before and after the law taking effect.

So, this summer is full of projects. Unfortunately I am not sure of what I will be doing in two months, as I should get unemployed.