Usually I do not advertise on this blog. In fact, this is not properly advertisement, but a review. But given I am happy with the product, yeah, it can be seen as advertisement.

I will talk about BaseQi, the Ninja Stealth Drive. Basically, it allows you to pop-in a MicroSD card into your MacBook keeping it all inside. I know this sounds a little pornographic. But if you have a small SSD drive, like me, you will be happy to duplicate this easy its space. There are some similar products with the SD card built-in, but then, you can’t replace it later if, for example, it gets non working. Also, there are some similar products with this same mechanism. For those, I can’t talk, as I did not try them.

To explain the idea, follows a set of pictures. Of course you have similar pictures in their webpage, but having pictures from an user can make you a little more confident.

First, the Samsung 128GB drive being added to BaseQI.


Note how tight it fits…


Now, put it on your Mac SD Card reader…


And push it all in… just clean!


Apple takes one month to deliver laptop

Ordered a Mac Book Pro, 13″, i7 with 128 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM. Accordingly with Apple Store Portugal, if I buy this configuration, it gets deliver in two to four days.

I did not order directly on Apple Store, I like to have somebody to complain to. So, I ordered in an official Apple retailer, here in Portugal.

The order was done in 3rd November. Today, 30th November, the retailer did not receive the package yet. And I paid half the value already.

As I did not find any contact directly to Infinite Loop, I am complaining here. If you have any relation with Apple, please make them aware. It is inconceivable to wait one month for a laptop, not with the speed technology evolves nowadays, and in a global world, where a package can travel the globe in a few days.

My only comment is, APPLE FAIL!