Firefox vs Safari on Mac OS X

I confess I use Firefox, and I really prefer firefox user interface. But this is just stupid! I never had problems with Firefox before, and now that I have a fast machine and 8 GB of RAM Flash acts like this? OK, I know it is Flash.. but.. :-/

Also, no idea why I can’t get my Quicktime plugin to manage .mov files. It just does nothing. Check below how it behaves in Firefox and in Safari.

Firefox 9, Mac OS X Lion and Apple Trailers page

I am having some trouble with Firefox 9 (well, I had it already with Firefox 8, and after the update the behavior continues) and Mac OS X Lion, when trying to download a trailer from Apple trailers page. I have no clue about what is going on, so if you have any idea that can solve my problem, please leave a comment, or contact me directly.

First, choose a movie from Apple trailers page. Any movie will work. I chose Prometheus, just because it is one of the first in the list, and Science Fiction. There is a small bar at the left that reads “View Trailers (4)”. I expand it clicking the arrow. Before continuing, I activated the Web Console for Firefox, that shows what is going on (that is, lists the requests that are sent to the server, and the received response).

Next step, choose one of the trailers. Let’s say, the first. In the small arrow in the “watch now” button, you have two sections. One of them is named “watch” and the other “download”. Let’s try to download one trailer (or watch it in QuickTime, instead of watching it directly in the webpage). Click the 480p (20MB) link.

What happens?

Well, for most users, it will open QuickTime and start loading the video. For me, nothing happens. The Web Console just issues GET as it should. And logs the answer as [HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily 118ms]. And it is all. No further messages in the watch window, no QuickTime starting, nothing. Rien!

I have no clue about what is going on. If you have, please let me know (and if you say not to use Mac or to use Safari I’ll be punching you in the teeth).

Lion, and some more impressions

And here I am, back on my comments on Lion. First, I will let you know that the things that I am liking more in this new machine are not related with the operating system itself, but different approaches I am taking, like the usage of homebrew for installing UNIX software. Also, the hardware makes a difference, when you have an i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and an SSD (unfortunately 128 GB of disk is not that much).

Regarding Lion, I already figured a way to put spaces or desktops or whatever you would like to call, behaving like my old spaces, having a shortcut for each one of them, and pinning applications to specific desktops. Unfortunately, I am not able to change all spaces backgrounds at once. I can change one at a time, but I do not have a way to change them all. Unless I destroy all the spaces I have, change the first one, and recreate them all again. Not feasible, specially when you have pinned applications.

The way 801.1X configuration is done is not clear to me as well. Fortunately I got the profile ready to use, but the Lion interface could be more helpful. It says “contact your system administrator for a profile”, but if you are the sysadmin (usually when you buy a laptop) you need to know where to create the profile. So, probably a few more help would be good.

When using Colloquy or Adium with the US keyboard, I can’t type a key and maintain it pressed to repeat the letter. A popup appears where you can choose an accented letter. If you press a letter that cannot have an accent, it gets typed once, and no repeat is done. I do not think this is completely Lion fault, as other applications like Firefox behave correctly, but I do not think this is Colloquy and Adium fault altogether.

Regarding launchpad, I am not able to understand why would I need it. Switch to it and searching an icon is slower than typing the shortcut to spotlight and typing the application name. I wonder when Mac developers stop working on the eye candy and start worrying with the operating system problems. For example, since Tiger (at least, since Tiger that I can confirm) locales are broken for C++ programs.

Unless you have a very good reason to do the upgrade, I do not think Lion worth it. I updated my old mac to Lion only because it was running Leopard (not the Snow one) and a lot of software stopped being supported.

Mac OS X Lion – First Impressions

I am using Max OS X Lion for two days, in fact, for two partial days, and I have a lot of complains already. It is typical of me. And, please, do not comment that it is my fault as I bought a Mac. That I know already.

Ok, first complain, now the Mac OS X installation procedure doesn’t let the user customize the installation. Why is this bad? Because in Leopard we could save about 1GB of space choosing the software to install (disabling GarageBand, disabling I18N stuff, etc.). Now, it doesn’t make any questions.

Then, to download XCode you need to use AppStore. Ok, sure. But why do you need a credit card to register if XCode is for free? Just to have a card to charge if anything goes wrong? Not sure. I would say it is incompetence. Any way, thanks to Portuguese MBNet system, I created a virtual VISA card with 5 euro plafond. Should be enough for a free download. Then, XCode took about 5 hours do download. Downloaded MacTeX that takes more space than XCode, and it got here faster. Anyway, after the download complete, App Store says that XCode is installed.

Is it? Well, no, it isn’t. Try to run ‘gcc’ in the command line, and you’ll not have an answer. Before thinking that the download failed, and you need another 5 hours of download, learn the most important thing on using a Mac: do not trust him. He didn’t install XCode. It would be too fast. He downloaded the installer and… installed the installer. Yes, go to the Applications folder and you’ll have there the XCode installer.

And now, it goes for another complain: Xcode installation is not possible to customize, again. Why this is bad? Because I could save some more MB of space. Why this freaking idea of saving disk? Because I am running in a 128 GB SSD and I have pr0n that is more important than some freaking software XCode installs (ok, kidding about the pr0n).

Oh, after running the XCode installation command, do not forget to download it. Yes, you have 1.5 GB of disk space in your Applications folder, that is an installer. And why the fuck would you put an installer there? Well, because you are from Apple…