Buying an LCD monitor

I was looking for LCD monitors. Cheap LCD monitors. I really would like to buy an LG or a Samsung. Not sure why, but I have some good opinion on these makers. But I wanted a 22″ (or more) monitor, with Full HD and, more difficult to find, HDMI. Why? Because I am playing XBox 360 in an old CRT TV. And that sucks.

Now, as far as I can tell, HDMI makes monitors more expensive. A friend commented something on paying royalties. Probably some patent on effect? No idea…

And that is not relevant. Just wanted to say that the cheaper LCD monitor I found was an Acer TFT 22″ Wide P225HQbi. I confess that I have Acer as a cheap hardware maker without much quality. But I am giving them another chance.

And as usual, I know that in two or three days a cheaper monitor will be available somewhere…

GTA4: Jamaican Heat

GTA IV - Jamaican Heat
GTA IV - Jamaican Heat

I do not play much. Just got my Xbox360 home, again, I am starting, again, to play GTA IV. And I will probably post here the missions that I complete. Do not expect me to spam the blog, as I do not play much. Really. And that is especially true because I am playing with an old CRT TV. That makes it quite difficult to read and see some details. I really want to buy a 22″ LCD monitor to use with the XBox and with my Mac, when working. It needs to have HDMI. That amounts to about 150 Euros, that I can not afford at the moment. So, I will need to keep playing on TV.

Back to the mission, Jamaican Heat is done. The task is to help Little Jacob to kill some guys. Not anything fancy. The interesting thing? Little Jacob smokes too much. When driving the car with Jacob inside, you will notice the smoke getting out from the window. Great detail, Rockstar!