The Joy of Logic (2013)

Socrates syllogism
Socrates syllogism

For something completely different, today I talk (erm, write) about a BBC documentary on Logic. It starts with Socrates Syllogisms up to Boole algebra. Then a quick visit on Mathematics nightmare of trying to prove Mathematics logically (yeah, Maths aren’t logic!), introducing first order logic. Then, we get back to Boole algebra and Alan Turing, and understand how it changed the world, and how you, my friend, are using Boole algebra in your computer, at levels you might not think of.

This should be a required documentary for every computer science student (or researcher). It is really worth to “lose” a class to show this to our students.

Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies

Slate 2012

I am the Chair of the Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies. It is the first year this conference will take place, but some of its tracks have some history. There are three main tracks, on Human-Human Languages processing (processing of natural languages), Human-Computer Languages processing (processing of programming languages) and Computer-Computer Languages processing (communication languages, serialization languages, etc).

The conference will have its proceedings published in OASIcs, and a printed version will be available for the participants. A keynote by Alexander Paar is already confirmed. He will talk about an interesting topic. His presentation title is From Program Execution to Automatic Reasoning: Integrating Ontologies into Programming Languages.

The conference call for papers is still open (until March 28th).