Sherlock, S1E2 (2010)

Sherlock - S1E2 - The Blind Banker
Sherlock - S1E2 - The Blind Banker

After the first episode I decided to give a try to this mini-series. Unfortunately I did not like much of the second episode story. Nothing really new to be told there. A simple cipher, using words from a book (in this case a dictionary). A lot of details on the story go without a valid explanation (at least, for me). I understand
that I was watching the episode without subtitles, and that I have some problems understanding some of the actors completely (namely Sherlock, that speaks too fast). But I do not think that was the real problem.

In any case, I will give the third episode a try, as well. Oh, before concluding… if Sherlock is so smart, why he uses Internet Exploder?

Sherlock (2009) – s1e1

Sherlock: A Study In Pink
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A new TV series based on the well known character Sherlock Holmes and the respective books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I am not yet sure if I like or not this new Sherlock incarnation. It takes some time to digest. Sherlock is too young, we are talking about modern London, with cars, cell phones, computers and all that.

If you read the books, you will notice that the story is not exactly as it is shown here. There are some new deductions, there are new characters, there are some changes in the story (big changes, I would say). I can’t recall exactly the original Study in Pink, so I do not know if the changes are because of the new era where the action occurs, or if directors just wanted to change the story.

Final complain: Sherlock talks too fast, subtitles goes fast as well. Hard to keep up for non native speakers…

“V” (2009)

V - 2009The first episode was broadcast today in the Portuguese public television channel (RTP). Knowing “V” to be a recent series,  I watched it. Wasn’t expecting much and that was, probably, good. At the moment the plot is nothing extraordinary. But, being it the first episode, I can understand it to be more like a teaser than a standard episode.

Next Sunday I will try to watch the second episode. Who knows if it gets more interesting. If not, XBox will be turned ON, and GTAIV or Forza Motorsport played. (BTW, a GTA IV post soon on a blog near you).