Designing Relational Databases

MySQL WorkBenchI am kind of allergic to relational databases. This is mainly due to the confusion on configuring servers, creating the schema, associating privileges to users and all that administration stuff. That is why I got fond of SQLite as soon as I knew it. No servers! No users! Just a file with a set of tables.

Fortunately, software is evolving and for some time we have GUI applications to interact with database servers. That is great, as I never know how to grant privileges to a user. Then, as I do that occasionally, there is no really relevance on knowing it from my head.

About two years ago I worked with a friend on a database and she used a nice GUI tool to design the database schemata, and syncing it with a MySQL server. I can’t recall its name, but I know it was the base for the actual MySQL Workbench. Unfortunately Workbench development has been quite slow and buggy. Today I updated Workbench version and it now includes, finally, the ability to sync the model with the database.

Probably I will start to use it more often…