Miss March (2009)

Miss MarchToday was Miss March day. First, it is a stupid movie. Second, it is a stupid movie. Third, it continues to be a stupid movie. But, fourth, it has nice girls in bikini and without bikini. Unfortunately it shows some other things that I prefer not to mention as it is gross, and it will spoil the history (well, if anybody wants to see it after reading this review).

Well, I hope not to spoil too much just quoting the tag line from IMDB: After four years in a coma, Eugene Pratt is going to be reunited with his high school sweetheart…on pages 95-97. This together to knowing this is a comedy from Hollywood, you can guess the rest.

So, the good part, other than the girls, is it to be a comedy. You can laugh a lot and have a good time watching it. Voted 5 in 10.