Before the Devil Knows You are Dead

Before the Devil Knows You are DeadI am now sure why I chose this movie to see. I know that the title is funny, but Before the Devil Knows You are Dead is a strange movie that do not resemble much of the title. The story is explained in an interesting fashion, showing portions of the live of different people, that we start combining in a story.

The only thing about the title is the preambule, shown before the movie title: a guy making sex. Accordingly with the movie director that is like heaven, at least for that specific guy. And, accordingly with the full plot, that guy will go directly to hell, no doubt. Thus, those are the moments before the devil knows you are dead.

The rest of the movie, is just a crime/drama story. The criminals are shown right at the beginning, who dies is shown right away, as well. The only things that are kept to discover is how people will behave when they find out whose fault is the crime.

I won’t give more than 7 to the movie, although the classification is higher in IMDB at the moment.