Red Dead Redemption

I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption for some time. Well, in fact, I do not play it for a while, but it is the latest game I played on my XBox (that I am not using that much, I must confess). I am a fan of Grand Theft Auto and therefore I needed to test […]

GTA4: Shadow

Didn’t play for some time. Yesterday restarted with my new 22″ Acer, with FullHD. And now I notice the great graphical details I was missing. Yesterday I was kind of rusty and I was only able to kill a flying rat. Today I managed to finish a mission where I should follow a drug dealer, […]

GTA4: Some more missions

Some more play in GTA4 and, finally, Gun Stores are available. Missions completed today, include Crime and Punishment, Do you have protection?, and Final Destination. This last one was quite fun, to wreck a car. But it took some time, and almost wrecked mine first. Also, had a second encounter with Brian, and found two […]

GTA4: Uncle Vlad

Uncle Vlad was going out with Niko cousin’s girlfriend. Niko couldn’t let this continue… and… bang. The best of this mission is the final execution, in cinematographic camera. Also, unlocking the fed the fish achievement is also cool. :P

GTA4: Ivan the not so terrible

The main problem with this mission is controlling Niko. I am yet agile on controlling the character and the camera at the same time, and having to stop to look around and where to run to, is quite difficult. Fortunately, in this mission Ivan almost waits for Niko on some places, so that we can […]

GTA4: Concrete Jungle

Today got back to GTA4, and had fun killing guys in the Concrete Jungle mission. I am not yet very agile with the controller. I think that it was easier to control with a keyboard (ASDW) and a mouse for look/aim. Hey, but I need to practice, and I might get good at this. Or […]