Samsung note 10.1″

That’s right! I just bought an used Samsung Note 10.1″ tablet and I am loving it. Forget the idea that using your finger is the best approach to usability. Yours hands were not designed to write with your finger. In school you learnt how to use a pen and you used it for long periods […]

iPad and prices in the Iberian Peninsula

This week I went to Vigo to a conference (FALA2010) and my hotel was right in the building on the side of a Apple Store. Of course I entered and gone to try iPad. The cheaper version costs 488 euro. In Portugal, there aren’t iPad being sold. At least, I just found it in Pixmania, […]

Samsung Blue Earth – Review

As I posted earlier, I bought a Samsung Blue Earth. You will find out that it is also known as S-7550 and GT-7550. When trying to know its specification, try any site in the web, but run from Samsung website. Its website specifications for this mobile phone are wrong. As a simple example, they state […]

My latest exorbitance

I just ordered this smartphone. I know it is not Apple. I know it does not run Android. I know its operating system is not open source. But, what can I say, I got in love with it. I think it quite interesting to add the solar panel. Not sure about how good will it […]