Girls (Season 2)

Girls, sex, drugs, love, hate, money, job, sex, more girls, more sex, and should be able to explain what the series and this season is about. The usual, the story of four girl friends (that from time to time forget the friendship) that do sex, have boy friends, change boy friends, do casual sex, change […]

Spring Breakers (2012)

No, this is NYATM (not yet another teen movie). At least, not the one you might expect. Accordingly with some commentators, this is a satire. I couldn’t get it. I get a story, not that elaborated, that is watchable. But that can be told in one fifth of the used time. I know and I […]

GIrls (2012) – First Episode

Not much I can say about this show. Not sure why I watched it. No idea if I ever will watch another episode. But now that I’ve watched the first episode, I can blog a little about it. Girls series, probably. Girls, boyfriends, sex, drugs and living on your parents for money. Enough? Ok, some […]