Spring Breakers (2012)

No, this is NYATM (not yet another teen movie). At least, not the one you might expect. Accordingly with some commentators, this is a satire. I couldn’t get it. I get a story, not that elaborated, that is watchable. But that can be told in one fifth of the used time. I know and I […]

Tian bian yi duo yun – 2005

I do not have any idea how I end up seeing these movies. They are just too bad. So bad that I end up without no certain about how the story developed (a problem I have is that all Chinese people seem similar to me). I had to go check the plot and synopsis on […]

Sucker Punch (2011)

Right, I have no idea why I watched this movie. OK, I confess I know why. Because a friend said I might like it, as there were lot of girls. I confirm, there are girls, and some are hot (although not really hot during the movie, but I googled them). But that doesn’t make it […]