GTA4: No Love Lost

GTA4: No Love Lost
GTA4: No Love Lost

I took a break on my work to kick the ass, wipe out, or kill (as you prefer) the boyfriend of Faustin’s daughter. Fortunately he has some friends that wanted their ass kicked as well. Mission accomplished.

Using HDMI and external sound in XBox 360

In a previous post I was wondering why I couldn’t get sound from my XBox using any kind of connector when the HDMI cable was plugged in.

My doubts were funded on the design of my own cable, that shipped with XBox 360. It has two RCA for sound and one RCA for video but, in the XBox connector, it has too much plastic, in a way that it covers the HDMI connector.

Therefore, I supposed that that would be a design issue, with that purpose (to prevent to connect the two cables at the same time), and not a design flaw.

But then, I found the kit shown in the picture on sale: it includes a standard HDMI cable and a connector without that extra plastic, that can be plugged together with the HDMI cable, and deliver sound to two RCA (and an optical connector).

Already ordered the kit on eBay. Waiting for it.

Using earphones in XBox360

As I poster some weeks ago, I bought a new LCD, 21.5″, with HDMI. The idea was to use it as a second monitor on my Mac Book Pro (done that already) and to use it to play with my XBox 360. Tried to do this latter, but it was not possible.

Why wasn’t it possible? Because I am stupid and I bought an LCD with an HDMI connector but without sound support. So, the LCD doesn’t have speakers and Acer didn’t bored to add a sound jacket.

When searching for solutions, I remembered that the gamepad has a 2.5mm jacket for a headset with microphone. I tried a standard earphones with 2.5mm jack but it did not work. Searching on Google I found the adapter shown above that, apparently, splits the signal from that connector into two different jackets, one for microphone, another one for earphones.

My current doubts for anyone who already use one of these:

  • does anybody know if the sound is stereo?
  • and, does it work for games, or just when using XBox360 for online conversation?

Oh, and of course, if you know another solution, please keep me posted.

Ford Fiesta @ Forza Motorsport 3

fiestaForza Motorsport 3 has some good simulation decisions, which makes more difficult to handle cars than in other games, like Need For Speed.

At the moment I just finished running with a Ford Fiesta Zetec S, like the one in the picture. Accordingly with the web, this darling has 1.6cc and a lot of horse power.

But then, I own a Ford Fiesta from 2003, with 1.2cc, and I get easier to 180Km/h than with Forza Motorsport 3. OK, I confess I can not get more than 180Km/h and with Forza Mortorsport 3, after being with the accelerator down for kilometers, it raised to 200Km/h. Or that, or I have too much love to my car :)

Forza Motorsport 3

Forza Motorsport 3I bought a new xbox 360 and, instead of buying the vanilla edition or just the Elite version, I bought the Elite version with a game, Forza Motorsport 3 included. There was another option, but I can not recall what game it was. But this game is more on my style. I like racing games.

At the moment I am with some problems. First, I have a two decade old television set. It is mono, it is small, but has a scart port. Good enough for my first games. Then, I am not used to the controllers yet. I am used to the usual triangle keys, up, down, left, right… also, now the controllers are analogical. That makes a difference as well.

My first win was being able to drive a Ford Fiesta. Unfortunately it is the new model, not my 4 years old car. But it is always cool to try your car on a video game.