V, Season 2

V - Season 2
V - Season 2

So, second season of V is over. For those who were waiting for 13 episodes, don’t expect it. The second season was cut to ten episodes. Also, if you watch the tenth, you will really understand it couldn’t continue for this season.

What can I say, I think things got better with this second series. Few people, a robust core of actors. Some changes of mentality on people. Not bad.

The end of the series was strange. Not impossible (well, expecting the V idea is possible), but lead to some decisions I did not like. Of course I will not detail them. No spoilers. Sorry.

Any way, waiting for the third. This is probably the main reason: Laura Vandervoort.

V (2009) – Season 01

V (2009)
V (2009)

There isn’t much fuss about this series. It is kind of a remake of another previous series. I did not watch it, therefore I can’t comment on whether this is better or worst. I saw the first four episodes in the public Portuguese television and that got me curiosity to know how it will end. Yes, how it will end, because this is not a standard series like Castle, Knight Rider, or even Nikita, that have episodes more or less self-contained. In this case, the story grows from episode to episode and… unfortunately, it doesn’t finish with the first season. And this is my main complain on the series.

The story and actors are OK. The FX effects are not bad, although there are some details on how ships fly that annoy me. In the overall I am happy with it, and will wait for the next series.

“V” (2009)

V - 2009The first episode was broadcast today in the Portuguese public television channel (RTP). Knowing “V” to be a recent series,  I watched it. Wasn’t expecting much and that was, probably, good. At the moment the plot is nothing extraordinary. But, being it the first episode, I can understand it to be more like a teaser than a standard episode.

Next Sunday I will try to watch the second episode. Who knows if it gets more interesting. If not, XBox will be turned ON, and GTAIV or Forza Motorsport played. (BTW, a GTA IV post soon on a blog near you).