Ocean’s Twelve (2004)

Catherine Zeta-Jones in Ocean's Twelve
Catherine Zeta-Jones in Ocean’s Twelve

The worst one of the trilogy. If there is a reason to watch it until the end, the reason is the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones. Other than that, the story is not interesting, the way it is presented is not the best, and some issues are not very clear. The third followed the approach of the first, making it a success. So, if I had to suggest anyone to watch Ocean’s trilogy, I would, doubtful, suggest to skip this one. Yeah, just 4 in 10 at IMDB.

Eros (2004)

Luisa Ranieri
Luisa Ranieri

A set of three small (erotic) stories by three different directors. First, “The Hand”, by Kar Wai Wong. An interesting story, although it is not that erotic. It is mostly a Drama. Then, “Equilibrium”, by Steven Soderbergh is a little more erotic, but instead we have a Comedy. The story is great. I voted 7 in 10 for the set, but if it was only for Soderbergh story I might vote higher. In this story there is a small view of a woman nude (the first does not contain any, and can still be erotic). Finally, “The Dangerous Thread of Things” by Michelangelo Antonioni is a strange story. Well, sorry, I can not find a story on this. At least not one with a beginning and an end. Probably I was distracted by the girls and boobs, and missed some detail. But I think that directing a movie is, first of all, telling a story, and if you at the end are unable to tell any, then the movie is shit. Yes, Luisa Ranieri is sexy and hot. But that does not make this an interesting movie. So, probably the more erotic, because of the nudes, but the less interesting one.