Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage @ Gone in 60 Seconds
Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage @ Gone in 60 Seconds

One more oldie found in the TV. The type of movie I like with cars, speed, humour and some violence. Ah, and with a chick. This time Angelina Jolie. What a difference from 18 years ago.

Not much to say about the movie. Again, Hollywood like story, but this time with a small twist in the end, although it continues with a Hollywood like ending.

Nothing much more to say. Other than I do not understand why so many people say Nicolas Cage is a bad actor. Could be better, but surely there are worst actors out there.

The Italian Job (2003)

Charlize Theron @ Italian Job
Charlize Theron @ Italian Job

Well, usually the movies during Christmas are all comedies, franchising, and boring stuff. Well, I found out The Italian Job in the TV, and as it was in my list of movies to watch, I took the chance. And you know me. Given I like Jason Statham movies, and I like cute girls, like Chalize Theron, it was easy to like the movie.

Now, the movie is fun, has action, and cars and speed. If I needed to summarize, I would say The Italian Job is a mixture of Need for Speed or Fast and Furious and Ocean’s Eleven. 8 in 10.

Furious Seven (2015)

Furious Seven
Furious Seven

And the seventh is out there, and it seems eighth is on its way. What can I say? More of the same. Good to watch if you are in the mood, if you like speed, girls and punches. A little difficult for me to see Jason Statham as the bad guy. Other than that, cool. And, of course, Nathalie Emmanuel is very, very cute.

No need to comment on the hacking stuff, and mistakes or impossible stuff. You do not see a movie for that. Also, of course, lots of publicity. Other than the cars, at least Dell and Monster. Whatever.

Finally, a good homage to Paul Walker. I confess I got sentimental.

Transporter – The Series – S01E01


After three Transporter movies that I loved (third is not that good, but not bad), I found out that there is a Series based on it. Well, if you like the movies, then you like cars, speed, stunts, girls, action, beating, more cars, more speed and some more beating. If that is the case, the series delivers what it promises: cars (check above), girls (check below) and some beating and action. The worst part? Other than the simple story, the main actor: Chris Vance is always smiling, not the cool and cold behavior that Jason Statham used us.

I may continue watching the series. Why? Because I like cars, speed and girls, and when I decide to watch it, then it means I am in the mood for that, not for a big and dramatic story.

Delphine Chanéac

Fast and Furious – 2009

Finally I watched the latest Fast and Furious. First, lets resume the movie: cars, speed, violence, and nice girls. Talking of which, let me complain already. How is it possible that Michelle Rodriguez character dies in the first minutes? (sorry for the spoilers, but this is of significance for the story). Fortunately enough Jordana doesn’t.

About the movie, I think the first minutes are the best. The same minutes that went to the trailer. They are the best. The remaining movie has action, has speed, has girls, but not comparable to the first minutes of action.

I am not sure if the fifth will ever show up. But hope a follow up of the latest Transporter, or then, any other new movie with speed gets in the cinema. Torque followup would be good enough, as well.