Modern Family (Season 6)

Sofia Vergara @ Modern Family
Sofia Vergara @ Modern Family

Yeah, right. What other could I post here from the last Modern Family season? It is not every day we get Sofia Vergara in the pool. Other than that, the series continues with some fun episodes and some other more boring. Nothing really new. The “big story” (spoilers ahead) is quite small and slow. Alex gets to college (or out of college? well… to Caltech. I just hope she meets The Big Bang Theory next season). Haley likes Andy. And not much more.

Modern Family (season 2)

Modern Family - Mother's Day
Modern Family – Mother’s Day

Modern Family second season is a little better than the first season, but not much different. What I miss in this series is continuity. Not requesting a complex story that continues every episode, like Smash, or Game of Thrones, but a global story that ties episodes together (like Castle, Nikita or the good old House). In this season there are some episodes with a sequence (regarding Manny’s dog), some episodes that refer to previous ones (like Valentines day, or the last from the season, that visits a set of previous episodes).

But, the thing I like most is Glória (Sofia Vergara) and the sound similarities: Saxophone vs Sexy Phone, Baby Cheeses vs Baby Jesus. Just great.

Modern Family – Season 1

Julie Bowen @ Modern Family
Julie Bowen @ Modern Family

Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen are two good MILF reasons to watch this series. I confess I started watching it because a friend said it is very good. In fact, I can’t say it is that good (at least for first season). Somehow, I feel some actors to act a little strange. Also, the mockumentary format is not a thing I appreciate.

Nevertheless, there are funny episodes, and good jokes. I think the character I like most is Manny Delgado. Not only because he has my name (swapped), but also because he has the same problem as I have with girls. How I understand you, Manny…