August Rush (2007)

Freddie Highmore

Someone told me and my sister about this movie, as being nice, and interesting to present to music students (10 yo). I took the chance to watch it too. And although there is a lot I can argue about (namely to someone learn how to write music from a single explanation of the position of notes in a keyboard), the movie is interesting enough. Of course it is a Drama, something I usually prefer not to watch. But the story is nice, and ends well, as expected for Hollywood movies.

The most interesting thing (other than having the nice and cute Keri Russell, is to listen my sister saying, about the main character (above in the picture) that he resembles the actor for Good Doctor. And then, when looking at the information at IMDB, find out that she is right. I wouldn’t get there myself.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen @ Bohemiam Rhapsody
Queen @ Bohemiam Rhapsody

No, I will not complain on the lip sync from the actors, or the details that did not happen as described in the movie. It should not be seen as a documentary, but as a Drama based on a true story. Just like Ben-Hur and a lot of other movies, that are based on true stories, and include a lot of errors when compared with the world history.

The movie is great. It would be great enough to just hear Queen music. But the actors are good, there are fun moments, there are some emotive moments. Nice.

And… that 20th Century Fox scene is just greeeat. Wonder if it was performed by Brian May.

BBC Proms 39: Spaghetti Western Orchestra

BBC Proms
BBC Proms

Not the usual Classical Concert. A five-man “orchestra”, playing all kind of instrument, mostly percussion, but including some strings and wind instruments, and some non-classic instruments, like Cereals, Radio Antenna and other. Musics by Ennio Morricone. A fun concert to watch.

A Little Nightmare Music (2009)

A Little Nightmare Music
Richard Hyung-Ki Joo and Aleksey Igudesman

These two guys are crazy. But also brilliant. You can find most of the show online on YouTube. In fact, the more interesting sketches are available online. Don’t be fooled by the amount of comments stating they stole the ideas for their show. Check the full video and you’ll notice the credits, all present. It is just natural to use ideas from other people. Just do not try to sell them as new.

Sucker Punch (2011)

Sucker Punch (2011)
Sucker Punch (2011)

Right, I have no idea why I watched this movie. OK, I confess I know why. Because a friend said I might like it, as there were lot of girls. I confirm, there are girls, and some are hot (although not really hot during the movie, but I googled them). But that doesn’t make it a good movie. There are a lot of special effects, but most of the times there are too much special effects, and it is not easy to really see anything. There are portions of the movie that are boring and, it seems that those movie parts are the ones that the director think are cool. Meh!

If you want to see something good in this movie, watch the first five minutes. They are great. Really. Nice music, nice acting, nice recording. More than that, the movie is bad, but the sound track is interesting. Voted 3/10 at IMDB. 2 for the sound track, 1 for the girls.

Bon Jovi – Greatest Hits

I am not properly a Bon Jovi fan. But I like the well known It’s My Life. In the expectation of other good musics from this same band, I decided to buy the Bon Jovi Greatest Hits CD. If it contains the greatest hits, then probably, they are the best of their titles.

But probably not. Or probably I do not like their music. I appreciate just a few of the musics presents on this CD.

  1. Livin On A Prayer – not a bad music. I really like to chorus. But, unfortunately, it is just like the other Bon Jovi musics: there is a chorus that is mostly repeated and repeated.
  2. You Give Love A Bad Name – again, I like the chorus. And the one in the beginning of the music, without instrument support is really nice.
  3. It’s My Life – yes, the best music on the CD.
  4. Have A Nice Day – nice rhythm. The music is acceptable.
  5. Wanted Dead Or Alive – like the guitar, but then the music remembers me of the usual Cowboy medleys. That is its goal, but I do not like it much…
  6. Bad Medicine – although this music repeats itself a lot, I like the rhythm and melody.
  7. We Weren’t Born To Follow – about this one, I like mostly the lyrics.
  8. I’ll Be There For You – and here the CD starts to drop quality. This one is too slow. Probably the problem is trying to be romantic. And I’m not in the romantic mood recently…
  9. Born To Be My Baby – no, lacks melody.. lacks rhythm… do no like it…
  10. Bed Of Roses – another romantic one? oh.. damn… next one, please!
  11. Who Says You Can’t Go Home – this one is… acceptable…
  12. Lay Your Hands On Me – no, no, no, no…
  13. Always – calm, and romantic, again. Unfortunately the CD doesn’t include the video-clip.
  14. In These Arms – the chorus is almost acceptable…
  15. What Do You Got? – I like the chorus… good enough :)
  16. No Apologies – do not like much, too…

Piracy Benefits

cdsThese are two CDs that I woul not buy if I was unable to hear before. Not hear in the shop. Not hear in the radio. Listen to it when my mood is to do that! For that I need someone to lend me the CD, or I need an MP3. MP3 are piracy. But they are needed. At least for me. If I like a music, I will buy it.

Within Temptation: Black Symphony

Mywithin temptation: black symphony music background is Classic (I learned to play piano). During years I just listened to classical music. Some time later I listened to Queen and start listing to some rock.

But I would never buy/listen to Within Temptation if it wasn’t the coincidence of watching the Black Symphony concerto on a TV Store.

I loved the sound, and no, it wasn’t because of the surround system that was connected to the TV. I really liked to listen. But, once again, it wasn’t enough to make me pay to listen to it.

This is the time torrents become handy. I downloaded the concerto, and watched to it. And now, I am willing to buy the CD for the concerto.

Now, regarding Within Temptation. They have a good sound, they have some interesting musics, Sharon has a great voice, and the orchestration was great. I just think the musics are much alike one another. I am not sure yet if this is because of the Sharon voice timbre (and when I get used to it, I will start differentiating musics) or if they are lacking some imagination.