Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (2012)

Madagascar's Penguins
Madagascar’s Penguins

Every time a new Ice Age comes out, here comes Madagascar as well. Instead of a rodent, for some cool jokes, Madagascar has four penguins. Instead of a bobcat, they have a lion. Instead of a mammoth, a hippopotamus. Instead of a sloth, a zebra. Just the giraffe hasn’t a counterpart in Ice Age. While Ice Age tries to keep things mostly real (or plausible), Madagascar’s focus is on non-sense. If you ask which make you laugh the most, I would say, none. You can give a laugh from time to time, mostly because of the penguins than anything else, but its all. And that musical sequence is just disturbing.


Girls (Season 4)

Allison Williams as Marnie Michaels
Allison Williams as Marnie Michaels

I confess I am not sure why I continue watching this show. Not really because of the girls, because the ones that do top-less or complete nudes are not really that cute. Not really because of the main story, as it is not that interesting. Probably because of the complete madness of actions of the characters. Probably. Not sure if I’ll continue through season 5, but probably. Ah, also, the episodes are quite small, from 25 to 30 minutes, and that is cool.