The Italian Job (2003)

Charlize Theron @ Italian Job
Charlize Theron @ Italian Job

Well, usually the movies during Christmas are all comedies, franchising, and boring stuff. Well, I found out The Italian Job in the TV, and as it was in my list of movies to watch, I took the chance. And you know me. Given I like Jason Statham movies, and I like cute girls, like Chalize Theron, it was easy to like the movie.

Now, the movie is fun, has action, and cars and speed. If I needed to summarize, I would say The Italian Job is a mixture of Need for Speed or Fast and Furious and Ocean’s Eleven. 8 in 10.

The Fate of the Furious (2017)

Well, undoubtedly, Fast and Furious is just another franchising, but the last (yeah, the eighth) is just great. Not as an action movie, or as a car movie. But for fun! Really. A gave a lot of bigger laughs with this movie than with some “comedies”. But this sequence shown above, with Jason Statham, is just great. Not just the baby is cute, but Jason is a good enough actor to be cheerful and cute, despite of his “brutality” history on these movie. Hope the quality of this sequence of action/affection can inspire for future movies. Love it.

The Expendables 3 (2014)

Two Mummies: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford
Two Mummies: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford

Not much to say about the movie. Half the cast are mummies, and I am not sure how they can still move. The new expendables (see the movie for the definition of new) aren’t bad ass as other expendables on previous movies. Jason Statham is mostly hidden. Mel Gibson as some class. Harrison Ford has some nice shots, too. Other than that, see the movie for the usual explosions, shots and fights. Other than that, a couple of humorous quotes. Ah… and Antonio Banderas is just crazy on this movie. At some point it gets really boring to listen to. And yeah, I know it is deliberate. Voted 6 in 10.

To finish, a small quote I liked:

Barney Ross: Better get out of that seat and move to the back, Christmas is coming.
Galgo: But it’s only June…

Furious Seven (2015)

Furious Seven
Furious Seven

And the seventh is out there, and it seems eighth is on its way. What can I say? More of the same. Good to watch if you are in the mood, if you like speed, girls and punches. A little difficult for me to see Jason Statham as the bad guy. Other than that, cool. And, of course, Nathalie Emmanuel is very, very cute.

No need to comment on the hacking stuff, and mistakes or impossible stuff. You do not see a movie for that. Also, of course, lots of publicity. Other than the cars, at least Dell and Monster. Whatever.

Finally, a good homage to Paul Walker. I confess I got sentimental.

Furious 6 (2013)

Furious 6
Furious 6

If you like previous incarnations of Fast and Furious, then you will probably like this sequel. They lost the “fast” in the title but there are still some nice fast scenes. Nevertheless, I think the non-sense part of cars flying, special maneuvers, etc, is quite limited in this sequel, with a little more punch scenes. But not bad. Oh, and instead of flying cars this time they preferred to make flying people.

So, do not watch this movie if you like to rationalize. Watch it letting it go, let the strange and fantastic scenes be as if they were possible. Or that, or you will not enjoy the movie.

Regarding the story, nothing new. The usual story. Not just the usual story from Fast and Furious, but if you take the main story, and generalize it, you will find dozens and dozens of other movies with the same story. But then, that is how Hollywood works. So, just enjoy a new incarnation of a known story.

Well, now some small spoilers: it is a shame Gisele (Gal Gadot) dies (or at least is seems), and well as Han. But probably they were not interested in the sequel (yes, prepare for Fast and Furious 7), and they needed to disappear somehow.

In the other hand, I can’t not talk about Jason Statham. Yeah, he is not part of the story, but part of the finale. Wait for him on Fast and Furious 7. Now, just curious if just as a bad guy (I’m not used to it) or if he somehow turns on being part of the crew.

Transporter – The Series – S01E01


After three Transporter movies that I loved (third is not that good, but not bad), I found out that there is a Series based on it. Well, if you like the movies, then you like cars, speed, stunts, girls, action, beating, more cars, more speed and some more beating. If that is the case, the series delivers what it promises: cars (check above), girls (check below) and some beating and action. The worst part? Other than the simple story, the main actor: Chris Vance is always smiling, not the cool and cold behavior that Jason Statham used us.

I may continue watching the series. Why? Because I like cars, speed and girls, and when I decide to watch it, then it means I am in the mood for that, not for a big and dramatic story.

Delphine Chanéac

The Expendables 2 (2012)

The Expendables 2 (2012)
Chuck Norris @ The Expendables 2

No, this is not a great action movie, nor a comedy, nor anything. This is a museum! Take a bunch of old actors for well known action movies, join them, make bullets fly around, add a couple of jokes, and a movie is done. The truth is that the first one was better. In this some of the good actors from the first, like Jet Li, aren’t there, and other bad actors, like Schwarzenegger, are some extra time. Note that I think Schwarzenegger have some good movies, but he is old. He seems some crazy guy out from the hospice. He doesn’t know how to handle a gun at all. Regarding Stallone, never a big fan from old movies. On some situations you notice he is old, and with difficulty to move. In some others, you don’t, probably because there is a double. Statham is probably the one acting better. I really miss the Transporter series. Van Damme is great in the movie. He is a great villain. This time we have Chuck Norris, but he is not acting natural. Hey, they all are actors for decades. Can’t them act?

I’ve read somewhere about someone complaining about the jokes, mainly the ones related with their old movies (check image bellow for an example). Those I can cope with. As I’ve said in the beginning, this is not an action movie, but a museum. It is to be interesting to watch for people who lived with their old movies, and therefore, their mention is not that bad.

But I should say, I’ve seen no action movie as Shoot’Em Up, with Clive Owen (not a standard bad ass). Probably they can learn a little from that one for the next Expendables (yes, accordingly with IMDB we’ll have it).

Arnold Schwarzenegger @ The Expendables 2
Arnold Schwarzenegger @ The Expendables 2