Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse – Part I

Broken Sword 5
Broken Sword 5

I just finished the first part of Broken Sword 5. In case you do not know, this game was funded using the Kickstarter website. I can not recall how much I donated to the project, but it is great to see that the game ended in the market.

The game continues in the same line as previous episodes. We have Niko, a girl, and George, the boy, trying to solve mysteries. In this first part, mostly the assassination of that guy, in the floor.

The story is not anything revolutionary. The puzzles are mostly accessible (at least for me). There is a hint system that I used only twice. I think the first time I would not need to use it if I was more fluent in English. For the second time, yeah, I needed a little the hint.

For now, expecting the second part. My main question now is: can I uninstall the first part, or do I need it to play the second? If anybody knows the answer, I am welcome.