Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

Enterprise shipyard

I know this is an old movie. After watching it I remember I did it before. Well, regarding it, what can I say? Of course I can’t comment the special effects. But while some images look cool (see the one above) some other are quite, quite bad (as an example, the small ship used to travel between Starfleet quarters to enterprise. So, not sure why some are not that bad, and some are awful. But then, in 1979 I was one year old.

About the story, acceptable. I found V-GER story interesting. Always nice to see some cross-over between sci-fi and some reality.

Also, I just discovered that the series is prior to the movie. So, now I have in my queue to watch at least one episode from it, and see if I want to see them all.

Ministério do Tempo (S01E01)

Ministério do Tempo
Ministério do Tempo

Probably this is the first time I post about a Portuguese series. As far as I could find, it is not original from Portugal but Spain, but adapted (or localized) to Portugal. It is sufficiently strange, and includes enough reference to history, to make it interesting. I liked the first episode and will give it a chance. Keep tuned.

Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

The Motherfucker
The Motherfucker

A sequel, and as sequel it is, can’t be better than the first one. But good enough. Good for the fun. Good for the comedy. Acceptable on the action, and kind of regular on the story. Bad we do not have Big Daddy, but fun to have the Motherfucker. And as he.. erm.. she, if a mother, is still alive, we should have a sequel, again. We know kick-ass will still be there (or the movie name would be wrong), but I hope Mindy continues as well. Just took to that eye expression! :-)

 Chloë Grace Moretz @ Kick-Ass 2
Chloë Grace Moretz @ Kick-Ass 2

Game of Thrones – Season 1

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones - Season 1 Finale

First, yes, probably. I know some of you want me to read the books (first or instead). I am sorry to disappoint, but it is too late to read them first or instead, and I am not sure if I will read them at all. That will be another issue.

Now, on this series comment: violence, violence, blood, violence, boobs, violence, violence, blood, violence, boobs. The good thing is that the ratio of boobs is good enough to keep watching. Yes, I am half kidding. Sometime the series betray us. We are too used to the Hollywood movie type, where heroes do not die. Here, everybody die. When you think somebody will stand up, he will die. When you think somebody will die, yes, surely he will die.

Something that is clear from the first episode but starts being more and more clear, and completely clear in the last episode of the first season, is that we should not be relating the story with our past, with the medieval era, or something. This is not just a fiction series, but mostly, a fantasy series.

Now, ready for the second season.

V (2009) – Season 01

V (2009)
V (2009)

There isn’t much fuss about this series. It is kind of a remake of another previous series. I did not watch it, therefore I can’t comment on whether this is better or worst. I saw the first four episodes in the public Portuguese television and that got me curiosity to know how it will end. Yes, how it will end, because this is not a standard series like Castle, Knight Rider, or even Nikita, that have episodes more or less self-contained. In this case, the story grows from episode to episode and… unfortunately, it doesn’t finish with the first season. And this is my main complain on the series.

The story and actors are OK. The FX effects are not bad, although there are some details on how ships fly that annoy me. In the overall I am happy with it, and will wait for the next series.