Hawaii Five-0 (2010) – S01

I watched some random episodes in the TV, and recently decided to give it a watch. As my sister also likes, it allows some nice time at the night.

The series is not something formidable. But it is fun, it has some action, and it runs in Hawaii, with nice landscapes, great beaches and bikini babes. What else can we ask for in a TV series?

As any other series, some episodes are great, some good, some acceptable. But I must say that Season 1 ends with high interest. Looking forward to start watching Season 2 today.

The Devil’s Violinist (2013)

David Garrett

Really bad movie for what I was expected. It is not a documentary (just like Bohemiam Raphsody isn’t a documentary). Thus, we expect a minimal story. And this story is… well, mostly non existent.

Other than that, I was expecting better acting. I know David Garrett is not an actor. But I suppose there was a casting for that character. And choosing him was a bad idea. Even being a violinist player, he exaggerated on his movements. Paganini was a virtuoso, and played some dissonant musics. But you should not move like player a rock music to mimic Paganini. Really.

The nice part of the movie, as usual, is a girl. Andrea Deck is gorgeous. And her acting was quite good. Kudos to her.

August Rush (2007)

Freddie Highmore

Someone told me and my sister about this movie, as being nice, and interesting to present to music students (10 yo). I took the chance to watch it too. And although there is a lot I can argue about (namely to someone learn how to write music from a single explanation of the position of notes in a keyboard), the movie is interesting enough. Of course it is a Drama, something I usually prefer not to watch. But the story is nice, and ends well, as expected for Hollywood movies.

The most interesting thing (other than having the nice and cute Keri Russell, is to listen my sister saying, about the main character (above in the picture) that he resembles the actor for Good Doctor. And then, when looking at the information at IMDB, find out that she is right. I wouldn’t get there myself.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen @ Bohemiam Rhapsody
Queen @ Bohemiam Rhapsody

No, I will not complain on the lip sync from the actors, or the details that did not happen as described in the movie. It should not be seen as a documentary, but as a Drama based on a true story. Just like Ben-Hur and a lot of other movies, that are based on true stories, and include a lot of errors when compared with the world history.

The movie is great. It would be great enough to just hear Queen music. But the actors are good, there are fun moments, there are some emotive moments. Nice.

And… that 20th Century Fox scene is just greeeat. Wonder if it was performed by Brian May.

Maigret in Montmartre

Rowan Atkinson as Inspector Maigret
Rowan Atkinson as Inspector Maigret

This is the fourth episode, in case you consider this a series, or the third sequel (well, terminology), and the one I liked the least. I am not sure if because I knew the story (I’ve read the book) or if my predisposition was just different this time.

The cast is great, the acting good, the atmosphere authentic. But I do not think that the story was well told. Although I’ve read the book, I did not recall completely the history, and I confess that, at the end, I did not really understand the history. I had to think about it, trying to remember the book, to be able to glue parts. This is the first time I needed such a thing (and in fact, the first time I could do it). Again, reasons can vary…

In any case, if this year we have any other episode, I would watch it happily.

Maigret – Night at the Crossroad (S02E01)

Maigret – Night at the Crossroads

Third third episode of Maigret’s series, with Atkinson, is great. Not just the plot, from Simenon’s original story, but for the way the scenes are recorded. I know this is being typical for every episodes, as the series goes on, but I just think this one is the best. Great scenarios. Great imaging details.

As for Bean.. .erm.. Atkinson, getting more used to see him as a serious character. Serene. Assertive. Like.

Maigret’s Dead Man (2016)

Atkinson as Maigret
Atkinson as Maigret

For the second episode, or second movie, as you prefer, of Maigret, with Atkinson as Chief Inspector Jules Maigret, it wasn’t so strange to see Mr Bean as a serious character. In fact, given he is older, and not grinning with that stupid smile, I can bare him as a serious character. Regarding the movie itself, the plot is not brilliant, but just another Crime story. While there are some nuances, I do not think they are good enough to define this as a great story. Nevertheless, the Parisian ambient of the previous century is very good.

Logan (2017)


It is quite weird when you want to watch a super hero movie, with action and some fun, and you get a drama. You still have the superheroes, but old and decrepit. And when you lost your mother a couple days ago, it gets even sad. Specially as (spoilers…) both old and decrepit heroes end dead.

While the drama is the main flow of the movie, you have a couple of fun moments and a couple of action. But in my opinion it lacks diversity. After a couple moves it gets repetitive. I think that the director could take a little more of the new mutants diversity (you will understand when you see the movie) for a funnier battle.


Red Sparrow (2018)

Jennifer Lawrence @ Red Sparrow
Jennifer Lawrence @ Red Sparrow

For some time that I did not watch a movie. And this is something I am ashamed of, but when I downloaded Red Sparrow I was expecting a Marvel movie. Sorry, I am no big fan of the comic books, and some of the character names are unknown for me. Well, guess what, no, it wasn’t. And I am not sure what this movie is. If a drama, if action, horror or just some kind of erotic movie. Anyway, it mostly fails on all of them. For drama, it doesn’t make anybody in tears, even with all the violence. For action, it lacks real action. For horror, it has too many boring parts. For erotic, it has too much violence.

It is not a bad movie. You can watch it without getting bored, even if some scenes are slow and lacking interest. But for other scenes, you want turn around and ask, is the violence over yet?

In any case, voted 7 in 10 @ IMDB.

Maigret Sets a Trap (2016)

Rowan Atkinson as Maigret
Rowan Atkinson as Maigret

Well, first the obvious: seeing Rowan Atkinson in a serious role is kind of difficult at first. But you get used to it, and Rowan shows he is not just Mr. Bean.

Regarding the movie itself: getting a known character from a book series is quite hard. If one can try to find an actor that suites the role, I think that it was not the case. As one of the books of Maigret shows, “Maigret” is not “magro” (thin), but rather a little fat. That is not true with Atkinson performing the character. The second things I miss, is that Maigret, from the books, has a special kind of humor (can’t say dark humor, but a subtle form of humor) and, in this movie, Atkinson has so much fear to be funny that Maigret ends out as a sad policeman, a thing that is not really what is presented on the original books.