The Concubine (2012)

The Concubine
The Concubine

The movie is not bad. I feel bad because I can’t understand Korean (I hope it is in Korean) and I feel like the English subtitles are not up to the movie quality. Also, and please, do not misinterpret me, but I can’t really distinguish much Asian faces. Not sure why, but maybe because my brain is trained to distinguish occidental faces, and it somehow feels like Asian faces are much alike. So, I did have some trouble in the beginning to distinguish the characters and, during that time, I might got confused with the Plot.

Nevertheless, I read some comments on this movie and they just got to the same conclusion I had, so probably I was able to understand the relevant parts of the plot.

The movie has a nice atmosphere, with a scent of eroticism from time to time. But, just like someone commented at IMDB, no, this is not an erotic movie.

Beware, spoilers ahead.

The plot is mostly from a Drama that could be easily titled “The Game of the Throne”. With the dead of the king (couldn’t understand how natural it was), and without any legitimate hair, his mother and his wife fight for the throne. And they are up to anything for that. Up to killing!

Hannibal (Season 1)

Hannibal - Season 1
Hannibal – Season 1

No, if you have a weak stomach, please do not watch this series after eating. It is not just the fact of people getting dead, but the way there are killed, the quality and reality of the scene preparation, and sometimes the little details of pain and horror. If not for the fact of some of the victims get… eaten.

Also, do not watch it if you think the good guys should win, and the bad guys should be dead or in jail. No, it is not this way with this series. It is a story of an assassin, and if you kill or arrest the assassin, you no longer have the main character. So, he must escape. And it will make you feel uncomfortable knowing that.

From time to time the series is kind of boring, with too much talk and psychoanalysis. But that is the way it works. Do not expect a standard police story, with guns and violence. Here you get to the scene too late, watching them dead (if not vegetating), and rarely catching the killer. Yeah, you guess well why.

Game of Thrones – Season 1

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones - Season 1 Finale

First, yes, probably. I know some of you want me to read the books (first or instead). I am sorry to disappoint, but it is too late to read them first or instead, and I am not sure if I will read them at all. That will be another issue.

Now, on this series comment: violence, violence, blood, violence, boobs, violence, violence, blood, violence, boobs. The good thing is that the ratio of boobs is good enough to keep watching. Yes, I am half kidding. Sometime the series betray us. We are too used to the Hollywood movie type, where heroes do not die. Here, everybody die. When you think somebody will stand up, he will die. When you think somebody will die, yes, surely he will die.

Something that is clear from the first episode but starts being more and more clear, and completely clear in the last episode of the first season, is that we should not be relating the story with our past, with the medieval era, or something. This is not just a fiction series, but mostly, a fantasy series.

Now, ready for the second season.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)
Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

Fun! This is the first word coming to my mind. The second, is probably blood. Yeah, if you can’t cope with blood, just do not watch this movie. It is not an horror movie, but you need to be prepared. Especially if you are not very strong of your stomach.

Anyway, fun! Oh, and college girls. That is also relevant, of course. But we will come to that later.

The story is not relevant to review the movie. It is nothing really new, but the result is fun. I will not give spoilers, but Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010) is about events that happen and that, when viewed from the wrong angle, can be interpreted in bad ways.

More, Dale reminds me of me, big fat guy, fun, and without luck with girls. But Dale ends the movie with Allison (Katrina Bowden) that makes me think, when will I have that luck?

Well, back to the movie, or better, back to the girls, you have two other girls going around. Chelan Simmons (as Chloe, also stunning), makes the typical Barbie girl, on hells, blond hair, and moving her harms like… well… a typical movie-blond…

I can’t end this post without makes you wish see the movie. If humor and fun, comedy and blood, doesn’t do it, probably a capture of Katrina Bowden will…

Katrina Bowden @ Tucker and Dale vs Evil
Katrina Bowden @ Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Voted 9 in 10 @ IMDB

The Expendables (2010)

The Expendables
The Expendables

I confess that I was expected a little more. Easy story, action, blood, explosions, girl in danger, more blood and explosions, more action, bullets, betrayal, blood, action, blood, forgiveness, more blood and action, and a little of humor.

In the beginning there were some cool jokes, but during the movie they became more rare.

So, the typical Hollywood movie. Oh, Stallone is old. Ah, and Schwarzenegger is older. In the overall, rating 8 in 10.

Machete (2010)

Machete, 2010
Machete, 2010

For those who already watched Machete, yes, I could resist and not post here one of the girls. For those who didn’t see the movie yet, I can name Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan, Alicia Rachel Marek, Ara Celi, Electra Avellan and, of course, Mayra Leal that I mistook by Eva Mendes. If this isn’t enough to make you see the movie, then I should tell it is fun, lot of fun! Also, it is violent. Lots of violence and blood. But who cares?

Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War ZonePunisher: War Zone is a typical Hollywood movie. There is nothing new. There is a hero. There are bad guys. There is violence. The plot is the usual. There is action, there are shots, there is blood, there is a woman with a kid…

Then, what is new? Why this movie was recorded?

Well, I think there are some things that make the movie watchable. First, there is the main character, that is a Marvel hero. This can be good and bad, because it means we are dealing with a fantasy world. That is, the hero never dies. Therefore you are watching and always expecting the obvious: the hero will not die. Second, the movie has super extra hyper violence. I think I am missing one or two more adjectives, but I am not remembering any. There is blood, blood, blood, dead guys, heads rolling, shots on heads, everything you can expect from an action movie. They are exaggerated, yes. But that is the idea. We are in the fantasy world, do you remember?

More, there are jokes. Yeah, you can laugh while watching rolling heads, blood, the dead.