Astérix: Le secret de la potion magique (2018)

Gaulish Team
Gaulish Team

It would be hard to write this post to talk about the story and the characters. I am a fan of Asterix, but I am used to read it in Portuguese, and writing about it in English would be hard. And for those wondering, no, I did not watch the original (French) version, but the dubbed version. And although I usually hate Portuguese dubbed versions, it wasn’t that bad. Acceptable enough.

About the story, well it focus the usual ingredients of Asterix stories: the magic potion, the Romans, the pirates, the wild boars, etc. It isn’t as good as the first books. It focus some ideas from recent movies that I will not refer so I do not give any spoilers. Ah… and it has a religion reference that, although I find it humorous, I think some other Catholics might not like.

Astérix aux jeux olympiques

Astérix aux Jeux OlympiquesToday was Asterix day. Yes, yet another French movie, but a really different genre than the previous four. I am an Asterix book fan. This was the first movie with Asterix that I’ve seen, and I was not very amused. The best character in the movie is Ideafix (Getafix for those that need to translate French). But the movie is funny.

I loved the Schumacher or Zinédine Zidane appearances. I noticed two or three other characters that might be known, but I did not recognize them. Finally, Vanessa Hessler is beautiful in this movie. I really enjoyed seeing her.

Finally, voting 7 in 10 at IMDB.