Nikita, S01E01


I was kind of curious of watching this episode. Girls with weapons seems always interesting. Unfortunately the main character, Nikita, is not that nice. Sorry, Maggie Q. The good thing is that we have Lyndsy Fonseca, that is very cute.

Now, about the story: so far, nothing new. Spoilers alert!! There is a division that trains boys and girls to be special agents. Mainly, spies and killers. Nikita escaped, and is angry because they (the division) killed her boyfriend (that wasn’t from division). She wants revenge. Here starts the story.

This first episode did not have much action. A few guys with big guns, but they didn’t use them. Some violence between Nikita and other spies, but nothing really great. Just standard action.

Pilots have a main problem: they waste a lot of the time of the episode to put the watcher aware of the characters story. Therefore, we can’t expect much from the first episode.

Zatoichi (2003)


To change a little from Hollywood movies, this one being original from Japan (as far as I could understand). About the movie, the story is well told, with some returns to the past to understand characters histories. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to understand the full history from Zatoichi, the main character. Nevertheless, the movie is well done and with nice action scenes. Also typical from this kind of movies, there is some excess of blood around. No, not complaining about the amount of deaths, but complaining about the quantity and the pressure of blood that the producers think is inside the human body.

A final remark, at least four calm scenes, with music and choreography. While the first two are nice two watch, as a group of workers work, and a group of children play at the rhythm of the music. The third moment, with people constructing an house is not that good and, the final dance shows the director was completely out of the mind trying to find anything to make the movie bigger…

Voted 7 in 10.

The International (2009)

The International
The International

After yesterday’s shitty movie (The Grudge 2), I got some better luck with this one: The International. It is mostly the usual Hollywood kind of movie, with the hero surviving everything. But, instead of the usual end where everything changes and truth and justice prevails, this movie shows that unfortunately there are too many bad guys. This means that unless the correct people are in the correct places (tribunals, governments, etc), there isn’t any justice possible for the big guys. But do not change side. Just take care to elect the least of the corrupt candidates to the government ;)

But back to the movie, some great scenes, and nice acting. Voted 8 in 10 at IMDB.

Crank: High Voltage (2009)

Crank: High Voltage
Crank:High Voltage

Yes, Crank is just a stupid movie. I think Fu**ing Stupid Movie is more correct. Good things: fun, action, fun, girls, boobs, girls, nude girls, action, fun, girls, girls, and Amy Smart. I think it is a good resume of the full story.

I did not see the previous movie on Crank, but I think I can imagine the kind.

Sorry for not writing much more, but, what can I say? The story is just stupid and unbelievable. The action is just exaggerated.

Ahs, just loved the silicon boobs juicing out…