Fantastic Four

Fantastic FourYesterday night I went to see the Fantastic Four movie. First (and only) bad thing was: my stomach was hurting. So, I didn’t had properly a dinner.

The good thing: the movie is good. A friend didn’t like it, but I did. When you go for such a movie, you know what you expect. These are comics characters so, they need to keep it similar to the original. And in that I think the production was very good.

Other interesting point is that the movie is an Adventure one, (imdb says Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi) but I would add right in the second place “Comic” or “Humor”. The movie includes a lot of action but a lot of humor as well.


MadagascarI went to see this movie about two weeks ago, but didn’t have the time to blog about it before.

It is a very cute and funny movie. I’ll not comment the story as I think you should see the movie. What I can say is that the Alex (the Leon) reminds me when I am hungry. In the other side, the four Pinguins remind me why I like linux.

When I entered the cinema I was expecting the original (English) version. Unfortunately (or not) it was the Portuguese one. I had a very good surprise as it was very well dubbed.


S.W.A.T.This weekend I saw S.W.A.T. It is the typical Hollywood/American movie, with police, bad guys, patriotism and such things. I do not see things <b>so much</b> in that way, but I had some good time watching it.

There is a girl (and that is <b>important</b> in a movie), there is action, there is some good sound, some jokes and it got me distracted. What can I ask more?

Ok, I could ask a lot more, like more girls, and naked ones, but that probably would lead to a pornographic movie and not to an action one…

Female Perversions

Female PerversionsThis movie (IMDB Link) is the strangest movie I ever seen. Well, maybe not the stranges, but it was quite strange. The worst thing is that I am almost sure I did not understand the real idea of the film. But, did I told already this was a strange film?

Oh, yeah, it includes sex, lesbians, and strange things. Also, it wasn’t subtitled and that makes it harder to understand. So, it was strange.

I, Robot

I, RobotToday’s movie was I, Robot, a story from Isaac Asimov re-created for cinema. First, I must state that I didn’t read the book (well, yet… I’m reading the Foundation serie). So, I have an idea about Isaac Asimov kind of books and the movie does not surprise me as an Isaac Asimov story. That’s good, although they must be incoherences with the book.

The book has nice special effects, nice 3D Modelling and nice actors. I vote 9 in 10 for some small details I didn’t like in the movie.

During the movie there are a lot of commercial trades referred. First was AllStars from Converse(?), second was JVC, FedEx, then AUDI and finally U.S. Robotics. If all these are referred the most publicitized is USR. Now, I just don’t know if they are getting real benefict with this movie because I wont trust them if they are some how related to the movie USR…

Finally, my quote from it: I’m sorry, but this won’t work. You’re a cat, and I’m black.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Resident Evil: ApocalypseToday movie was Resident Evil: Apocalypse. This is a reasonable movie. Normally I vote movies very high, but this will not be the case. There are a lot of small things that could be better, some questions to answer, and some bad points. For example, it is easy to see that the end of the movie is prepared for a continuation.

Meanwhile, some comments:

  • Nice girls (Alice and Jill Valentine), with very interesting movements. I just didn’t understand why they wear so few clothes. I’m not complaining. I just wonder why. Maybe for freedom of movements?
  • Again, a big company did not get condemned by its crimes. Just be afraid of big companies. Just as Microsoft. If they want to cover something they can do it.
  • One more time, computers are not shown properly. First, nobody uses that kind of sophisticated interfaces to work. Then, it just don’t take that few minutes to crack a system.
  • If a videogame like resident evil, with some story, ends-up in this kind of movie, what can we expect of… DOOM?

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu HustleToday’s movie was Kung Fu Hustle (or Gong fu). This is a kung-fu movie (check the title if in doubt), full of special effects, blood, action, romance and laughs. Of course I would do some things in a different way, but the movie is great. Imagine that it includes a woman and a sissy wich are kung-fu fighters.

Also, the soundtrack is very nice and very well chosen for the movie.

Voted 10/10 on IMDB.

Seed of Chucky

Seed of ChuckyYesterday had the time to see Seed of Chucky. I didn’t see the original Chucky movie what can be a loss to comment on this one.

Seed of Chucky is an Comedy (although you can classify it as horror). It has blood (I think a little more than Kill Bill I), some flying heads, screams (these ones screamed directly from Jennifer Tilly), and awesome good pair of boobies (these ones directly from Jennifer Tilly breast) and fun.

I’m voting 9 in IMDB because of some little problems of the movie.

Asking God for Help…

Today I’ve sent an email to Michael Schwern, creator of ExtUtils::MakeMaker module asking for some help. In the subject line I wrote something like: “Need help from the God“.

This is his answer…

1. And God said unto ambs:
2. Blessed are the built-ins; for they shall work for all.
3. Blessed is require(); for it is simple and always works.
4. It shall forever and always find modules which have strayed from your flock
5. As long as they are in the eyes of @INC.
6. And God saw that ambs was troubled and he comforted him saying.
7. Rejoice and be glad for this is the keyword of the Lord.
8. And God finished the letter to ambs
9. And He saw that it was silly and that it was good.
10. And He closed His laptop and lay His crown upon the pillow
11. And in the third hour, He rested.

What else can I say?

PS: I am ‘ambs’. It is my CPAN nick.



Another Teen-based movie. This time with less sex, more romance, little drugs and nice girls.  This is not the best teen movie I’ve seen, but can give you some good time. I vote for 5 in 10.