HulkThis weekend saw Hulk in the television. I had it in the list of movies to see, so I took the afternoon to be in front of the television.

Bad Idea!! The movie is the standard stupid movie of super-heroes and with a big problem for a sunny afternoon: too dark. I closed all windows in the room but I couldn’t see anything in the movie (no, it wasn’t TV fault.. commercials were ok..)

At least, I saw the movie and took it out of the list of movies to see.

V for Vendetta

V for VendettaWent yesterday to see this movie. In fact I was not expecting such a nice movie. The story is well written, although it can be seen as a set of small stolen stories from different movies and books. Meanwhile, it is not totally previsible.

The film photography is very good as well. The sound, better. Specially because of the Tchaikovsky 1812 overture. I am a Classical music fan (almost all kinds) and I really love this one. <i>tararara tam tam.. tararararara tam tam…</i> Oh well, almost 24 hours and I can’t remove it from my mind.

Top Secret!

Top Secret!I know this is an old movie, but I saw it recently to remember. It is crazy, funny, crazy, funny and crazy. I can’t really find any other adjective suitable to it. It has a story (a vulgar one, is true), it has some sarcarm regarding other movies (and that is really cool), and a lot of laughs. Basically you can’t stop laughing from the start. It is true that in some situations you really need to look around and not just to the main actors to understand why you are not laughing at that moment.

If you never saw it, go out  and buy or rent it. Yes, now!! NOW!


aeonI was expecting more from this movie. I saw the trailer and it seemed better. It is true that Aeon is a nice girl, that the special effects are very cool, the sound surround is excellent… but it fails on the more important: tell the story. The story is the usual, but that is not the problem. A lot more could be done with this story. Also, there are very weird things that are not really explained… ok, the movie is in the future… but…

So, if you go see the movie, relax, and do not try to understand how things are possible… just imagine they are!


hitchSo, Hitch is the kind of guy that knows how to tell how to impress a woman, but is unable to do it himself. Well, in fact it finishes doing it sooner or later, and that’s good because Eva Mendes is a nice girl.

When I saw the trailer of the movie I thought: I really need to see this movie… I might learn something. But I think I need to see it again, as I didn’t learn anything… really… what I am doing wrong?

Back to the movie.. very funny. Nice girl, as I told before, great actors, and a lot of humor. You can have a good time watching it…


MunichYesterday night I went to see Munich. First, I wasn’t prepared for a 2:40 hour movie, but then, it was pretty good, and the time flied. Second, for a movie by Steven Spielberg it contains no dinossaurs. And yes, that is good.

The scenarios are pretty good, old fashion, old cars (a lot of them, it should have been difficult to find so many), recorded in old style, with a good and mostly veridic story. It includes a lot of blood (this can be considered bad, but my feeling is that Spielberg wanted to show the barbarity of the acts — both sides) and some nudity (girls, be happy because this time you have a man nude as well).

Blade Trinity

Blade TrinityI really loved Blade, the first. The second was a little worst and this one raised again the interest about the movie for three main reasons: creative dog-vampires (I really loved the cutie one), a helper (Hannibal King) with sense of humor, and another helper (Abigail Whistler) very sexy. Yes, Jessica Biel is just a beauty…

Talking about the story… welll… is the usual story. Vampires, Blade, action, silver, guns, more action, more vampires… and so on…

Oh, and by the way, now that I am in the mood of Need for Speed, blade car has a nice boost…


matchpointYesterday went to see MatchPoint. I wasn’t expecting a good film, specially because is was written (and directed) by Woody Allen. But the movie was quite interesting. A good story, imprevisible till the end, with nice cenarios and a beautiful girl: Scarllet Johansson. Emily Mortimer is not as beautifull as Scarllet, but has some sensual appearances as well.

A good film (maybe longer than needed for the story).

Transporter 2

Transporter 2My first comment regarding this movie will be a title from a comment posted in IMDB: Action, explosions, total disregard for physics. EXCELLENT. I feel the same regarding the movie. Cars, velocity, action, explosions, girls in bikini, more cars, more velocity, guns, more action, more cars… fantastic.

Jason Statham is very good. Liked specially that position after a jump, like Terminator. Very nice.

Finally, how much did Audi pay for the publicity? Also, if I am not wrong, Lamborghini is also a VW brand (as Audi, Seat and Skoda). And, talking about Lamborghini, could you identify the model? I want one of those.

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of NarniaYeah, yesterday was Narnia day. The movie is very interesting although it is easy to notice it was made thinking on children. In fact, Harry Potter, or Shrek are a lot more for adults.

The movie includes some bad recorded scenes, where it is easy to notice that the actors where put into the scene by hand. In the other hand, computer generated things are beautiful (the Lion, for instance).

While it is known that the movie is fiction, there are some flaws in the story. Erm, I would like to show one but today I can’t remember. In case I do, I’ll edit this entry.